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Short Stays » Trailer – three indie films made in a Beijing boutique hotel. Great marketing vehicle

How Facebook’s Privacy Disasters Will Change B2B Marketing

For Facebook, the Privacy Snowball Just Keeps on RollingMXit: The South African Mobile Company You Should Know – feature phones are really big still

Is Microsoft’s one-time star J Allard leaving the company? | VentureBeat – “If Allard is truly out, then it could mean that many of the things that Microsoft is trying just aren’t working

Official Google Blog: Search more securely with encrypted Google web search – a sign that Google is taking privacy more seriousl, though I thought that there had been a https version of Google for while?

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: Facebook’s identity lock-in – similar to format lock-in with Microsoft Office

Yahoo Site Explorer Link Count Drops Significantly

Google TV Announced – I had flashbacks to the early 90s when I read this, thinking about General Magic and WebTV Networks

CHINICT: China’s largest tech conference will be livestreaming on TechCrunch

Makers Market: robotRock (or Gundam Calling) Tshirt – too cool for school

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » TV after YouTube