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Links of the day

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Don’t Blame Apple for Its Music Monopoly. Blame the Big Labels. | AllThingsD

Time to Get Your Game On With Zynga and Yahoo! | Yodel Anecdotal – interesting move that diversifies Zynga beyond Facebook

Lady Gaga’s Manager: We Make Music Videos For YouTube – YouTube killed the MTV star?

No Robots Allowed | Search Engine Journal – Great SEO basic tips

TelecomTV | Yahoo! CEO curses her way through announcement of strategic alliance with Nokia

Malcolm Barclay: “Expectations of mobile technology outweigh what’s possible” | Mobile Industry Review – pretty much the same with most technologies

Razorfish Releases 2010 Outlook Report – PSFK

Facebook’s Culture Problem May Be Fatal – Harvard Business Review – a bit dramatic in parts but really good points well made

80 UK tech journos you should be following on Twitter |

China’s Five-Star Infrastructure, Underused – – ready for greatness

Satirical BP Twitter account draws more followers than official BP America accounts

MySpace, Friendster Blew It: Why Facebook Rose to the Top – last man standing basically

Stop The Presses: ‘Sunset’ For Print In Five Years, FT Sees | paidContent

The reason Robbie Bach was fired | Asymco – interesting analysis on HP | Palm deal from a Microsoft perspective

German brands fall short on social media – Warc

Facebook sees mixed results in Asia – Warc – doing well in India, but badly in South Korea and Japan

Reporting Adverse Events in Social Media « ScienceRoll – Gordian knot in online pharma marketing

MediaPost Publications Analyst: Microsoft Ready To Reorg Big Time 05/26/2010 – getting the marketing right and improving online marketing strategies

Heyman Associates – Digital in corporate comms survey – interesting that a lack of expertise comes up – Survey reveals EUV to be used for making chips in 2014

Yahoo Buys Indonesian Location-Based Social Network Koprol | paidContent – Foursquare on the cheap

Q&A: Gerd Leonhard on why social media beats search | Econsultancy – interesting interview with Gerd Leonard. What about social search?

Yahoo’s New Core Competency Seems to Be Outsourcing to Others

The Mongoliad – Neal Stephenson’s new work

Foxconn’s CEO speaks out against suicide, 11th employee dead – reasonably sane piece by John Biggs on the 11 suicides

Bartz: “Google Is 90% Search, That’s A Fact” – Except It’s Not – Google’s numbers are more diversified than search