Links of the day

Singapore Airline’s Sensory Branding – PSFK – you have your favourite aftershave or perfume; Singapore Airlines has its own brand scent. Makes perfect sense in an OCD kind of way Baidu to Hire in Silicon Valley | AllThingsD – it will be interesting to see how the Baidu culture matches the Silicon Valley culture Anothershop […]

Alcohol and public relations don’t mix

I spent my formative years in agency life working with a senior colleague who loved champagne and fine wine – and a weakness for new shoes. Alcohol is often a good social lubricant when building relationships with influencers, but it is lethal when it is mixed with a journalist looking for a story. Whilst Stanley […]

Links of the day

I, Cringely » I’m with stupid – interesting article on click fraud Leak: EU pushes for criminalizing non-commercial usages in ACTA | La Quadrature du Net – The leaked document shows that the EU Member States are willing to impose prison sanctions for non-commercial usages of copyrighted works on the Internet as well as for […]

Rethinking youth marketing

I was speaking with a former colleague who now works for a major marketing combine. We were talking about future trends and how organisations are coping with them when he came out with “I have been told that we can’t do strategy anymore we need to get gen-y to do it“. WTF! Some things struck […]

Life is not in recession

Life is not in recession, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. I loved the strapline in this ad for the Camel tobacco brand owned by RJ Reynolds in the latest edition of Wired magazine (US edition). Think I might hit CaféPress to set up this slogan on t-shirts and other merchandise.