Links of the day

“for the lolz”: 4chan is hacking the attention economy – new moves in social engineering and media

Monocolumn – The soft power of Country & Western [Monocle]

FTC to formally investigate Apple’s iPhone policies « Boy Genius Report

Kibbles & Bytes #675: WWDC Edition, Safari 5 is Here, Father’s Day Specials! – Small Dog Electronics are a long-time Apple reseller based in Vermont – I particularly liked this newsletter from founder Don Mayer with its comparison of how amateur radio like IM made the world smaller

Retailers Look to Profit From Last Century’s Styles – – when you can’t trust the banks, the government, businesses and authority figures what can you trust? The past.

Mail 2.0 Help: Backing up mailboxes and addresses

WTF is HTML5 | Jonathan MacDonald

Survey: In 2020, we will all live in the cloud | VentureBeat