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Links of the day

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Publicis’ Levy: ‘There Is Nothing Big Left To Buy’ | paidContent – just in time for the economic uptake

Coca-Cola builds new social media model – showcasing UGC “4Rs” – reviewing, responding, recording and redirecting.

JANJAN[ジャンジャン] はい、あ〜ん顔絶賛公開中|商品情報|エースコック株式会社 – interesting marketing site based on Bijin-Tokei, but for noodles

Drew B’s take on tech PR: Starbucks’ Facebook hijack

British Airways thanks staff with ad campaign – Brand Republic / Technology – Google ditches Windows on security concerns – meow

Ballmer just opened the Second Envelope | Monday Note – interesting, but emotionally charged take on Microsoft

German publishers concerned about Apple censorship – realistically they need to get with the programme

PepsiCo moves away from “big brand” marketing – move from customer acquistion to more of an emphasis on dedicated customers for a number of brands. Total lifetime spend focus? / Technology – UK techs look to US funding and markets – UK markets, VC industry and business investment infrastructure is useless for technology sector businesses

Tsang embraces new media for 2012 push, |

A VC: Ad Spend Trends

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I like: Nike Air gag extended into the stores

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Nike Air gag extended into the stores, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara.

Nike has managed to extend the idea in a gag film around Nike Air into shop merchandising to keep the meme running – online to offline.

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Slap update

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I carry a Moleskin notebook around with me that I use to help me write this blog by mapping out my ideas. Moleskin notebooks are bit boring looking so I like to cover them in a collage of stickers (or slap as those in the know say).

inspiration book slap update

The slap on my present book is coming along nicely, though more is always welcome. A big shout out to:

Your brand could join them. Mail me.