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Germany’s Ilse Aigner Asks Netizens to Create 10 ‘Golden Rules’ of Netiquette

Dump Microsoft, Use Linux to Save Money, U.K. Officials Suggest – BusinessWeek – imagine that the UK corporate and public affairs agencies will have to go into overdrive in order to try and kill this one

Opinion: Microsoft dying? Don’t bet on it – interesting analysis on Microsoft. One of the problems however is the inability to incorporate the value created into the share price

Semicon West: What a difference a year makes – investment on the rebound from a spectacularly poor 2009

HP flexible display – really impressive technology

As Some Vow to Scale Back, Panasonic Pushes Vast Catalog – – similar challenges to what Sony faces

Future of Internet: Infographics and Slideshow « ScienceRoll – Morgan Stanley’s annual presentation

Creating not just jobs, but good jobs – The Curious Capitalist –

Communities Dominate Brands: Big Milestone – world now has 5 Billion active mobile phone subscriptions – but the key thing to remember is that many people in developed countries use more than one device

Rothbury: does social media and round-the-clock reporting threaten editorial integrity? | Wadds’ PR Blog – the wisdom of media mobs

Why Many Teens Are Moving on from Facebook – eMarketer – its just not that interesting anymore

Ericsson demonstrates time-division LTE  – interesting that Ericsson have TD-SCDMA, HSDPA and LTE

Cultural Influences in China |

Interactive Tool Reveals the Social Media Behaviors of Your Audience

Mickey Mouse Teaches English In China « The China Tracker –

Stop the War, Start Improving | blackrimglasses – some smart analysis on Android and iPhone from Ethan Kaplan

Social Nets Pulled CPMs Down By 18 Percent Last Year | paidContent

Bellwether: UK Ad Spend Double-Dipped In Fragile Economy | paidContent

Disgruntled China PC player takes aim at Intel – damning accusations including stuffing the channel and abuse of its dominant market power. If this goes to the wall in China expect Intel to receive a bloody nose from the government

Slashdot | Claimed Proof That UNIX Code Was Copied Into Linux – so was it a malicious prosecution or where the key decision-makers just technically clueless

The Creativity Crisis – Newsweek – interesting data points on the decline of creativity in the US

Microsoft Recreates an Online Scam in New York City – as they saying goes there is a sucker born every minute

Google launches do-it-yourself apps for Android | VentureBeat – Homebrew 2.0

People worry about over-sharing location from mobiles, study finds | Technology | – may hamper adoption of where2.0. Yahoo!’s FireEagle project was precient in the way it allowed users control over how exact location data was

Are we burning out on Facebook? – less new joiners in developed market according to statistics and less user engagement