Links of the day

Startups: Welcome to the lost decade | VentureBeat – many of these points are touched on in Judy Estrin’s book on innovation

danah boyd | apophenia » Skin Whitening, Tanning, and Vaseline’s Controversial Facebook Ad Campaign – interesting perspective on Vaseline’s controversial Facebook campaign

In a Partnership of Unequals, a Start-Up Suffers – – Bill Gates-owned Corbis convicted of fraud and ‘misappropriation of trade secrets’ – basically piracy

80 Blocks From Tiffany’s – 1979 – vintage documentary on street gangs and culture at the origin of hip-hop

Bloggers in blue spread their net | The Japan Times Online – interesting move, especially when you think about how little information the Japanese police liked to disclose to people like Tokyo Vice author Jake Adelstein

Twitter Doctors – Twitter KOLs in the medical space

Webicina Toolbar is Available! « ScienceRoll – toolbar now available for a health-specific service very reminiscent of Yahoo!’s original directory business model

Google Announces Major Redesign Of Image Search – not too sure what to think about this from a UX point of view as the text of the old version provided a bit of context which helped narrow down your options

Smart metal enables solid-state refrigerant

Marina Bay Sands | Singapore’ s Luxury Hotel Resort & Casino – I want to go and stay, just to try out the swimming pool on the roof. It looks nuts

Beautiful Visualization – O’Reilly Media – I am putting this on the list of books I’d like Santa Claus to bring this Christmas

Inflation: Print job | The Economist – Economist thinks that the UK Government is going to use inflation to erode government debt

Google Readies Hong Kong-Based Q&A Site | WebProNews – this is an interesting move, Baidu has a good Q&A service, Hong Kong may just be a pilot for further Asian expansion

Facebook Scores Low In User Satisfaction | WebProNews – not terribly surprised by this

Perfect Market opens The Vault to help newspapers make money | VentureBeat – SEOs and monetises newspaper content

Baidu Reportedly Mulls Creating Mobile OS To Take On Android – Tech Trader Daily – – or they could just do their own flavour of Android, the important bit is to key the OS into their services

Lack Of iPhone Competitor May Lead To Nokia CEO’s Demise | mocoNews – the problem on the low end is that Android gives low cost players like ZTE a leg up to compete for the low margin business by providing slick looking phones. Developing world customers want a good product as well, Android helps them to get it – not that Google will be able to meaninfully monetise these Android users. Interesting that they have gone after US CEOs rather than looking to Europe and Asia

Coach Makes Pitch to Men – funny I used to have a Coach PDA case (courtesy of Sun Microsystems) for my Palm Vx. The zip broke, so I threw it away

Why newspaper websites should be more like blogs – its depressing but The Mail may become profitable online

NGiNX – kind of like Apache

Top Secret America – impressive piece of journalism very much in the vein of the Telegraph’s expenses enquiry, but also would have made Woodward and Bernstein proud

Baidu Off; CCTV Says It Sells Ads To Sites Offering Fake Drugs – Tech Trader Daily – – interesting that CCTV was allowed to do this

Equity analysts Still too bullish – McKinsey Quarterly – consistently over-estimating returns for the past 25 years