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Great advice: Matt Crabtree

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Matt Crabtree used to the sales director at RSL COM, a client of mine at the start of my agency career. Some 12 years later, Matt is now running a consultancy. On his website he has been providing some print-outs of good advice. Here is one that I have paraphrased:

  • Look at yourself – does the way you look reinforce or undermine the image you would like to create? If you are a creative a suit and a tie won’t cut it. If you are going for a corporate job interview and you have headphones hanging out of your pocket and the lining turned out doesn’t inspire confidence either (I have seen this from an interviewee).
  • Devote time to the important things – if you don’t have time, do something differently
  • Expand your mind – Despite the best efforts of Rupert Murdoch there has never been a better time to easily gain new knowledge, from that can come new opportunities
  • Look after your health – having suffered with back trouble in recent years, I cannot acree with this one enough
  • Act on opportunity – of course the trick is recognising it
  • Give something back – karma
  • Bloody well cheer up – things could always be worse