Links of the day

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Hot Potato officially lands in Facebook’s lap – bulking up on location-based services

MediaPost Publications Pepsi Bottlers Add Digital To Media Mix 08/23/2010 – move towards online local advertising

How Oracle might kill Google’s Android and software patents all at once — RoughlyDrafted Magazine – interesting argument, with some great facts, but I am not sure about the lessons drawn from it

Bronte Capital: A guide to the Australian election for non-Australians – a nice guide to the Aussie election so I can chat sensibly with Nick Osborne

Online gaming more popular than film and music downloads | T3 magazine – though I am sure that the music and movie companies will bleat privacy rather than owning up to their own mismanagement and piss-poor product offerings

The Future of Internet Search – Project Syndicate – Esther Dyson touches on social search and the semantic web

Infoaxe raises $3M to make online bookmarks obsolete | VentureBeat – isn’t this more like Google History than delicious?

Studios Giving Up on DVD, Pushing VOD Instead – unfortunately the lack of artifiacts combined with ubiquity is going to reduce the value that consumers put on this video content

5 Huge Trends in Social Media Right Now – interesting that two out of the five areas are reheating older ideas – Q&A has been around for a long time. It was the original premise of Ask Jeeves, then Naver in Korea. Google had their own service,, Yahoo! Answers and Lycos iQ. Group shopping is a reinvention of the proposition from the late 90s.