Links of the day

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William Gibson: I’m agnostic about technology. But I want a robotic penguin | The Observer – I love the phrase agnostic in relation to technology, its often how I feel

Do people grow out of Location based services? – broadstuff – another post on check-in fatigue

Turn Your Head & Swipe: Doctors Love the iPad (Infographic)

The PurpleList expert network – reminscent of the first iteration of Google Answers, but with a tighter focus | specialism

Briefs: A Cocoa Touch Framework for Live Wireframes – this looks awesome, I hope that Apple oks it soon

Chicago House FM – Online Radio Station – I can’t believe I hadn’t found this sooner

Parks Associates – Caregivers and their concerns for chronically ill family members drive early market for home health monitoring services – big tech opportunity, particularly with the aging boomer population

Why Intel Is Buying Infineon | Fast Company – all about integration and mobile devices

Welcome NASA to the Commons « Flickr Blog – hell yeah!

More Sophisticated Rigs Drill Deeper Still for Oil – – but where are the facts?

For Arms Sales Suspect, Secrets Are Bargaining Chips – – continuing story of Viktor Bout

Hackers blind quantum cryptographers : Nature News – interesting use of lasers to grasp the key with no apparent trace

Japan calls for transparent labor rules in China › Japan Today – interesting dispute between Japan and China

HOW TO: Make Free iPhone Ringtones – right off to sort new ringtones for the phone

Apple App Store: 250,000 and counting – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech – but how many of them have most people tried?

Groklaw – A Bird’s Eye View of the HTC/Nokia/Apple Patent Litigations – Nokia spurs patent shitfest. Bottom line its going to take more than lawyers to appropriately reinvent Nokia

New Face of Iceland – Iceland’s social media efforts, look as if they have done it on a budget