Mormons ‘own’ Microsoft’s I’m a PC campaign

Reading Time: < 1 minute The LDS Church has been running some ad spots in trial markets across the US (and has also posted them to Youtube) which owe a creative debt to Microsoft’s I’m a PC campaign. But I have to admit that this video featuring motorcycle fanatic Jeff Decker for the Mormon’s campaign beats any of the I’m… Continue reading Mormons ‘own’ Microsoft’s I’m a PC campaign

Innovation and Paul Allen

Reading Time: < 1 minute Doug Engelbart gave this famous demonstration of technologies in 1968, it still blows my mind watching it, you can see the future of modern computing right here. Contrast, Engelbart with Paul Allen. Allen co-founded Microsoft which went on to make him billions of dolars  from the ideas in this video, (as did Apple, Sun Microsystems,… Continue reading Innovation and Paul Allen

Technology perspective: kicking it old school

Reading Time: 4 minutes My trips home tend to be part family catch up, part sociological and anthropological expeditions into the heart of Merseyside. I use this time to watch the way my parents and my friends use technologies. On previous expeditions trips home I found that peer-to-peer networking had proved an unsatisfactory replacement for collecting and that sat… Continue reading Technology perspective: kicking it old school