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Links of the day

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Become a Foursquare emperor with Mayorama | Green Silver Purple Digital – Thanks to Stella Wong and the Goodby, Silverstein & Partners interactive team for this gem. It’s a game changer for social media types doing location-based campaigns

Japanese Social Gaming Platforms: Chinese Developers Jonesing to Get In | Mobinode – it makes sense that Japan would be an attractive market for Chinese games developers

Yahoo Revamps Mail Service – – just waiting for when Carol Bartz comes out and says that Yahoo! was never an email company… What has surprised me on this was that Yahoo! has been steadlly been losing share to Google. Yahoo! slew the 1GB mail box size issue years ago with some fancy work which meant consumers got unlimited storage but had to load up through normal use rather than dumping stuff in. The Oddpost derived interface is up to scratch as well. So this seems to be more about the perception of the Yahoo! domain and associated services?

Are Counterfeit Drugs Really 10% of All Drugs? – The Numbers Guy – WSJ – interesting article on the pharmaceuticals industry, worryingly the BMJ gets called out for citing make-believe data

Entrepreneurs Rise in Ashes of India’s Caste System – – interesting background on India’s growth

Are You Working With Energizers or Rotten Apples? | Fast Company – interesting article on consumer behaviour in the workplace

Asiajin » Mixi Introduces New APIs; Enabling To Integrate Home Appliances With The Social Graph – now this is really interesting work by Mixi. Mixi is a social network which is usually accessed by Japanese people on their mobile phones

Telegram Stop | Send a Traditional Classic Telegram the easy way – I was explaining RSS to someone a bit older than me the other day and we got talking about ticker tape and telegrams when I found this site in my bookmarks from back in the day: call it creative serendipity  but there is something nice about digital facilitating rather than destroying analogue artifacts

LinkedIn: Crossing Borders and Connecting People (comScore Voices) – most popular in the EU compared to the US and other countries looking at internet penetration vs. LinkedIn uptake

What’s Hiding in Demand Media’s Finances? | – makes Demand Media sound like a new Netscape

Rethinking the Mobile Web by Yiibu – from overtheair

Another Former Microsoft Exec to Yahoo, Joining Other Ex-Softies | AllThingsD – Irving building a team of cronies around him.

The Associated Press: Nokia’s CEO replaced by Microsoft executive – not sure that this is a good thing. Cultural fit etc. Is Nokia prepping for sale?

MEPs repeat attempt to force ACTA transparency | Pinsent Masons LLP

The Times paywall is down as paper’s circulation hits low | The Wall Blog – this is probably about much use as Kremlinology during the Cold War, but interesting stats.

In China, Another Spat Between Yahoo and Alibaba – China Real Time Report – WSJ – smart move by Alibaba to try and deposition and decouple Yahoo!

FarmVille boss: “I don’t f***ing want innovation, just copy your competitors” – Zynga’s fast-follower strategy: the key is in their execution

Roombots: autonomous, mobile, evolutionary self-assembling furniture – Boing Boing – I love this: no more confusing flatpack (*_*)

Panda loves to party. – just because

The Man Who Makes Your iPhone – BusinessWeek – Hon Hai CEO profile

Sociability: A new social media metric | Market Sentinel – trying to make my mind up on this

Keep Making Social Networks, Facebook Hasn’t Won | :Ben Metcalfe Blog – if Google had taken that attitude when Inktomi powered search on all the portals the world would be a very different place

Password Exploitation Class (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos) – Irongeek – interesting presentation on the state of hacking