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Links of the day

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[Interview] Intel Discusses ‘Light Peak’ Interface — Tech-On! – interesting stuff about optical interconnects from semiconductor giant Intel

Groklaw – What is Dalvik? by Mark Murphy – the heart of the Google, Oracle court case over Java on mobile devices

Risku: 13 Executives The New Nokia CEO Should Sack Today [Updated] | Mobile Industry Review – Juhani Risku’s take on Nokia

Digital Evangelist: Sorry I have been quite – Ian Wood on why the mobile handset industry doesn’t get the carrier industry

10 Things Nokia’s New CEO Must Do ASAP – at least that’s what Business Insider think he should do

Google Is Now Officially Evil – Google forced Motorola to drop the use of Skyhook location services in order to pass an Android compliance test. Antitrust here we come

Online piracy: Copyright holders and ISPs to bear cost of Digital Economy Act (Digital Knowledge Centre – Digital Intelligence) – well that’s the UK screwed

Nokia’s Grip Slips in Key European, Asian Regional Markets | AllThingsD – no surprises there

Symantec caught astroturfing blog comments – not good for them, but good for me since it will become a case study

ROGUE DESIGN – bad ass jewelry from the people who brought you the RED camera

China Catching India As Asia’s Service Provider? – WSJ – China’s technology service industry catching up iwht India

Why Broadband Prices Haven’t Decreased – Creating the first broadband consumer price index – only pays lip-service to carriers issues around insufficient backhaul

DOCOMO and University of Tokyo to Conduct Joint Research for Urban Planning Based on Mobile Spatial Statistics | Press Center | NTT DOCOMO Global – really interesting work here, kind of reminds me of The Dark Knight were Batman maps out the building in Hong Kong using mobile phone signals and captures mafia money man Lau

Study: The design of a social network influences behavior | Econsultancy – loose networks can be less effective than tightly bound networks

China. A Really Good Place To Do Business. : China Law Blog – increasingly competitive in the world

P&G’s practical innovation :: Influxinsights

Bing Beats Yahoo For Number 2 Spot In Search Rankings – inevitable

Nokia’s Transformation Journey | Forrester Blogs – interesting perspective from a consumer product perspective

UNIQLO LUCKY MACHINE – great site build

Tablets aren’t ready for prime time – The Inquirer – enterprises aren’t ready for tablets

Alternatives To Google In Europe – some interesting statistics here

TC Teardown: Etsy, It’s Crafty – interesting analysis of the Etsy business model

The Pitch HK: Great expectations and why Apple failed – international me-too briefings are hard, but I would imagine that some poor PR person is having the proverbial rocket up the backside after this fiasco

Nokia’s New CEO: Challenges | Monday Note – interesting assessment by Gassée. It depends on whether you consider Elop as a candidate to lead Nokia back to market leadership or package it up with a bow for a sell-off or partnership (with Microsoft) a la Carol Bartz. I suspect Elop is the second option

Is Europe’s shield for web hosts corroding away? | Pinsent Masons LLP – Europe becoming an even less attractive place to run web services

Korea Mobile Internet, the next MNO in Korea? | Korean Insight – based on WiBro, a mobile WiMAX offering

How to Make a Marketing Campaign Go Viral in China – support it with offline campaign work as well

Microsoft Just Showed Why The Market Can’t Tank With Rates This Low – interesting that Microsoft is issuing debt to do this. It thinks that its own stocks is the best investment (it has underperformed for the past decade) and its a bet that interest rates will stay low. It is also the kind of thing a ‘value’ business would do rather than a ‘growth’ business

CHART OF THE DAY: Apple Selling Just As Many Computers As Dell To College Students – Apple’s now a dominant force on campus

Fruitiness vs. Truthiness: VolunteerMatch Challenges Stephen Colbert to Taste-Off | Fast Company – great old school PR campaign

Combing Your Friends’ Tastes, Not the Whole Web’s – – social search market analysis

The Struggles of the Middle Class (comScore Voices) – middle classes getting hollowed out, guessing the lower income spending on e-commerce skews young?

Entelligence: Will carriers destroy the Android vision? — Engadget – bloatware

Roughly Drafted on Gartner – I love the way GartnerGroup gets continually called out by Daniel Eran Dilger