Links of the day

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Has the Times paywall killed its blogs? | The Wall Blog – so what does this mean about paying Times Online readers being more ‘engaged’? By sounds of it, it didn’t extend to blog conversations

EU Parliament calls for pan-EU copyright law | Pinsent Masons LLP

EU Funds “Universal Apps” Project

PARC Forum – Ethnography in Industry – PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) – I can highly recommend this series of talks from PARC, in particular Gentry Underwood from IDEO talking about the six key factors in designing social software

Alibaba and Yahoo quagmire: a battle of the wills | – the FT is very slow to this story

FINALLY: Microsoft Just Stopped Pretending It’s A Growth Company – smart move from a comms point-of-view. Hopefully they can get away from beating the innovation drum and go for something more sales-centric like trusted supplier, established yada yada

1 Million iPhones Sold in South Korea | John Paczkowski | AllThingsD – that’s a success in Samsung’s backyard

RIM Is Finally Ditching The BlackBerry OS, But Not For Android – using QNX underpinnings is smart, it is probably the best realtimeOS out there

How to install the Facebook Support TabSocial Studies Blog | Social Studies Blog – Get Satisfaction tutorial

Guest Post: How Google Instant Can Help (And Hurt) SEO

How The Nielsen Company Uses Idea Management Software to Drive Innovation – filtering and channeling innovation

Digital minds: 60 seconds with Reuters’ Tim Faircliff (Digital Knowledge Centre – Thought Leaders) – interesting interview

The Scribd Archive, an Apology and Immediate Changes « The Scribd Blog – worthwhile thinking about if you are using Scribd in a campaign

Flickr: Can You Feel My Pain? – interesting campaign by Pfizer, worth keeping an eye on this and the corresponding Facebook page

Digital Agencies of the Future: UPDATE 1 – the point trying to be made here is that digital agencies aren’t ready for mobile, a secondary point could be that agency buying decision makers probably look for agencies on a laptop or desktop screen

McKinsey urges rethink on Chinese launches – Warc – get the culture and the market right

THE MICROSOFT INVESTOR: More Analysts Turning Bearish As PC Sales Head South – PC market is cyclical, I wonder how much of an impact the iPad is having though?

Yahoo Patents May Cover Google Instant – just like Yahoo!’s Overture patents covered Adwords: this is is why a Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo! would have been Google kryptonite. It also might make Yahoo! worth more than 14USD per share?

VideoEgg Will Acquire Six Apart And Rename Itself SAY Media – woah that’s a piece of web 2.0 history gone. Merging businesses like this was something that happened during the boom as investors tried to salvage some value