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GameCrush Lets Guys Pay Money To Play Online Games With Women (Seriously) – they should rake it in: its an escort agency for losers

EconPapers: Trust network sclerosis: the hazard of trust in innovation investment communitiesshared identity and experience serve as proxies for trust in influencing decisions, and subsequently how trust can serve as a proxy for thorough due diligence

British ISPs open door to paid prioritization | Benton Foundation – of course this assumes that their networks aren’t as impotent as boiled spaghetti

The eternal antitrust case: Microsoft versus the world – good overview

comScore Gives Twitter Traffic Victory Over MySpace | WebProNews – just goes to prove the analogy that social networks are like new hot restaurants or nightclubs and when you’re out you are out

Study: Microsoft has ‘fallen off the mainstream media’s radar’ – interesting survey findings given Microsoft’s slick media machine and PR measurement methodology. I wonder what’s happening?

David Segal: Stop the Internet Blacklist – interesting moves in the US, it affects the open nature of the web and means that the west can’t point fingers at other regimes over web censorship

BSkyB to challenge requests for customer information from ACS:Law |

HP: No Android Smartphone or Tablet | AllThingsD – it makes sense given that they’ve invested in WebOS

It’s time to reap the context-aware harvest – PARC blog – PARC’s contribution to the web-of-no-web

Q&A: When Ping Is Not Your Thing – – turning off Apple’s new social network

MediaPost Publications Boomers And The New (Normal) Economy 09/27/2010 – being frugal and the challenges that it poses to marketers

Echo Sonar: Whose opinion matters? – not sure I agree with this appeal for the mainstream media. Are journalists really experts?

Canvas8’s keeping TABS (September 2010) – nice PDF on trends

MediaShift . How Aftonbladet Varies Paid Content with Clubs, Micropayments | PBS – are you listening Mr Murdoch

A Detailed Look at Apple and Google’s Fight for Mobile Developer Attention

Gawker’s Denton: Twitter’s Audience ‘Too Elite’; Blogs Look Ludicrous | paidContent – as ever a source of a good soundbite

2010 acquisitions–Microsoft: 0 Google: 23 – CNET News – interesting pace of acquisition

FT relaunches Weekend Magazine with ‘Smart but Casual’ campaign – Brand Republic News – is it me or does feel very Economist in its campaign tone?

Econsultancy roundtable: CRM is dominating the social media agenda | Populate Digital

Joint statement by CIPR, ASA and CAP – by the looks of it social media community management and direct-to-consumer activity still falls into ASA. Blogger relations and online press release distribution don’t

The Social Media Words & Phrases Most Retweeted – social power words

UK Med School Students Get a New Prescription: iPhones – iPhone increasingly becoming embedded into healthcare

48 Hours In: Tokyo – 48 Hours In, Travel – The Independent

東京の観光: Tokyo Tourism Guide

Gawker Founder: The Future of Online Media Is Video – is it? Really?

Sony Ericsson LiveView acts as a 1.3-inch remote control for your smartphone, requires Android 2.0 — Engadget – interesting move, Sony Ericsson’s device looks very similar to the MIT vision of wearable computing from a number of years ago

AOL-TechCrunch Deal: Pros and Cons | AllThingsD – there is a certain irony in this deal if it goes through

Time Life: The last digital holdout – Fortune Tech – following a demographic

Obama administration wants encryption backdoors for domestic surveillance – Boing Boing – of course this means that criticising other governments on having a surveillance state

Deal Profile: Unilever to Buy Alberto-Culver for $3.7 Billion – WSJ – interesting move that strengthens Unilever by taking out a competitor. It does make me wonder about all the brands that Unilever sold a few years ago though

A press scholar explains how the New York Times op-ed page got started. – Slate Magazine – the history of the op ed | China puts healthcare under scrutiny – interesting that they got NICE on board

What are the best blogs about data?  – Quora – interesting set of blogs – gnarly geek stuff here

22 Social Media Marketing Management Software & Services Reviewed – Online Marketing Blog – some familiar and new stuff here