Links of the day

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The Rise of Social Commerce Agenda – great collection of presentations from Altimeter Group, academics and practitioners like Dell

Google’s Andy Rubin on Windows Phone 7: ‘the world doesn’t need another platform’ — Engadget – interesting that fragmentation in the Android user base is called out as an issue by Andy Rubin

Holding back free game hordes, World of Warcraft crosses 12M paying subscribers | VentureBeat – I honestly thought it would be bigger given the cultural significance of WoW

Google Instant has changed the way we search | Econsultancy – interesting. Instant is driving more detailed searches

If You’re A Content-Based Company, Just Give Up — Everyone Else Is – content is hard and businesses that thought they were growing the new CBS or Fox Network have had to reevaluate

How to Research Domain Names on the Web – handy howto utilsing different TLDs

Yahoo Investors Ready to Scrutinize October Earnings Call | AllThingsD – I am not sure that a poor performance would be enough to pull Bartz down

The Impeccable Timing Of The Verizon iPhone Rumors – alleges that WSJ is being played by Apple

QR Codes Are Not Hot – need pre-loaded readers on phones to get critical mass with customers

I, Cringely » Spies Like Us – Bob Cringely weighs in on privacy and the ‘net

@christineptran » Social commerce frontier is wide open(Day 1 recap of #RSC10) – great summary from Altimeter Group’s social commerce event

Sources Call Microsoft-Adobe Acquisition Rumor “Nonsense” | AllThingsD – it goes to show how tangled the technology industry is at the moment

Digital Vietnam 2010 – interesting stuff here about the wide group using social media to keep in touch with the Vietnamese diaspora

Masters of Media » Twitter Research Supported by Info Visualisation

A Guide to Webcomics: How Sci-Fi and Drama Shed Light on Modern Life – great examples here including works by Warren Ellis of Transmetropolitan fame

Boyd ’00: don’t fear social media – The Brown Daily Herald – great summary of a talk that danah boyd did at Brown University

Facebook Groups demonstrate the downside of “social design” | VentureBeat – Facebook screws up on your privacy: AGAIN

Google Ties Into EU’s Statistical Office | WebProNews – Google’s shortcuts move the search engine into ‘oracle’ status, that is oracle of Delphi rather than Oracle Inc of Larry Ellison

Teens Want More Privacy Online Too | Fast Company