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For Millennials, Brands May Be as Important as Religion, Ethnicity | Fast Company – wasn’t this the case for generation X and even boomers as well? Brett Easton Ellis built a writing career on documenting the brands of disaffected youth. Yuppies were status brand obsessives. William Gibson and Douglas Coupland fetishise brands or deliberately create a brand void in their works. The move from glasses to bottled beer in European bars and clubs was about the bottle label being a brand totem for the user

Your right to personal privacy is shrinking even as Corporate America’s is growing. – By Dahlia Lithwick – Slate Magazine – interesting article highlighting the need for a societal norming exercise on all aspects of privacy

CHILDREN OF THE CHILEAN MINERS « – Vice magazine usually pushes journalism to its limits, but with these piece they have been surprisingly restrained, yet come up with powerful positive coverage of the Chilean miners escape

AppleInsider | AMD holding off on tablets, admits iPad cannibalizing notebooks – not surprising given their user intent has a content consumption focus

Littlecosm: An MMORPG Twitter Client With Sentiment Analysis – interesting idea that I need to try

FSF initiates “Respects your Freedom” hardware endorsement – The H Open Source

Ambition: Are You Hungry? | Business Collaboration News – really nice article

asymco | Gartner: as a Media Tablet, iPad deserves to be ignored in PC rankings – interesting article

Windows Phone 7: A Fresh Start for the Smartphone: The phone delivers a new user experience by integrating the things users really want to do, creating a balance between getting work done and having fun. – or how not to write a press release title

Taiwan smatphone ODMs to focus on Android to minimize costs – interesting piece on market dynamics and the relative inaffordability of Microsoft software

Angry Birds set to flutter onto Android phones | VentureBeat – great example of Alex Bogusky’s ‘BakedIn’ concepts in action

Google making $1 billion a year from mobile | VentureBeat – but that could get cut off if handset manufacturers or carriers customise the software installation a la Verizon putting Bing as the default search on some Android phones

The Best iPhone Medical Apps – I love the recording application which is a digital facsimile of of a Nagra SN series recorder

Apple breaks 10% market share in US, Lenovo climbs globally – flight to quality and softening consumer market for PCs

News Corp. approached about Yahoo buy – makes more sense than Aol, but much of this is pretty wrong headed

Palm Hires Nokia’s Ari Jaaksi and Samsung’s Victoria Coleman | AllThingsD – interesting that HP is doubling down on Palm and was able to lift people like Ari Jaaksi out of Nokia

Yahoo Down – as the post points out the timing was unfortunate with all the other problems the company faces including potential takeover bids

Building a great social media strategy | Econsultancy – nice primer

The Social Creativity Equation – not only about connecting people’s to brands; but also people to people

Social Media Quantity vs. Quality Question Answered – data shows the problem that many marketers face once they have managed to gain an audience | followers in social media: what’s next?

“Smart Sizes” Nudge Lazy Men Towards Stylishness | Fast Company – interesting way of getting useful data

home | The China Boom Project – I like the visual design of the site and the way the content is organised

Nokia Reported Rapidly Losing Market Share in India, Apple Poised to Steal More | Fast Company – interesting results. Nokia has been late to market with dual SIM devices and they haven’t had a real replacement for the Communicator series since the E90 which had been popular with the likes of businessmen

Cybertecture Mirror reflects our fantasies, looks set to become a reality (video) — Engadget – but is it worth over 7,000 dollars and can they sell the projected two million units?

Klout Adds Facebook Data to Its Influence Graph: Tech News « – interesting move by Klout

Weekly Poll: Will APIs Drain Facebook’s Revenue? – ReadWriteCloud – some really interesting negative sentiment about Facebook’s business model<

Buy Your Friends Starbucks on Facebook – real-world gifting has been with us for a number of years

The things people talk about most online / we are social

Why Are Watches So Expensive? – good article on the economics of expensive watches

What’s working in music: Having a ball | The Economist – selling music as an experience and selling to old and midde-aged people rather than young people

Michael Geist – CBC Bans Use of Creative Commons Music on Podcasts

SiliconANGLE – Condé Nast Shares iPad Magazine Lessons – interesting insights into iPad users

Mayer to Location: Big. – John Battelle’s Searchblog – Marissa Mayer to focus on LBS and local services, Google must think that this is a bigger frontier than search

Oracle-IBM pact cuts Android off at the knees | InfoWorld – a more unified approach to Java has got to be good in the long run surely?

Facebook is ‘killing privacy for commercial gain’ • The Register – some sense being talked about Facebook, we are entering a giant social experiment whether we like it or not and the people driving it are only worried about selling advertising

China’s new pragmatic consumers – McKinsey Quarterly