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Op-Ed: Optical Media Not Dead Yet – dead in technology circles a relative thing. Sony only stopped selling cassette Walkmans in Japan on Friday

Google Stop Indexing Blogger (Blogspot) Posts – need to get this sorted sharpish, at least they can’t be accused of being biased!

Online Privacy: What’s At Stake – Chris Dixon on the debate required over online privacy – the social norming I have been expecting for a while

Social media stays local in Asia Pacific – Warc – social media adoption amongst Chinese netizens is incredible

Women are the masters of social gaming « Ed Lee’s Blogging Me Blogging You – nice diagram, no surprises though

Figuring out Mobile | Jonathan MacDonald – interesting thoughts on customer engagement and mobile’s opportunity

Home Recording 101: Breaking Down Basics, Synths, Software and Gear – great guide / China – China launches own online mapping service – its a bit poor, but this is a first iteration. China has concerns about state secrets leaking out

SiliconANGLE – A Brief History of Search Engines: the Last 20 Years – great infographic

Hylozoic Ground – Press – Canadian pavilion at Venice Biennial architecture festival

Security In A Box | Tools and tactics for your digital security – as recommended by William Gibson

MediaShift . 2010 Press Freedom Index Shows Europe on Decline | PBS – US observations on freedom of the press in the EU

Fast Company’s “Influence Project” – So Lame, Fast Company Ignored Its Own Results – Danny Sullivan rips into Fast Company

Starbucks Launches Digital Network, in partnership with Yahoo! | Yodel Anecdotal – interesting move, particularly as Yahoo! has managed to get involved