Oprah Time: The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research: Tools and Techniques for Market Researchers by Ray Poynter

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Ray Poynter is a veteran market researcher and it shows in his Handbook of Online and Social Media Research where he distilled all aspects of marketing research from an online perspective.  The social media aspect of the title is a little deceptive as other aspects of online make up the bulk of the book, but this is also because most brands and organisations just aren’t that discussed in social media.

What is in the book is good stuff. Especially when you think about how fast tools pop-up and disappear. If you are a social media expert, the book is useful but isn’t an essential read. It’s primary value is a wider context on marketing research. However as a marketing researcher Poynter provides a good entry into understanding the capabilities and limitations of social media.