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Judging the cyber war terrorist threat : The New Yorker – good overview on the issues around cyber-espionage and cyber-warfare that is steering western policy by Seymour Hersh

Infographic: Search engine market shares | Econsultancy – two things stand out. With the exception of Japan, Google has struggled to make inroads into non-Roman language markets and Google is killing it in Europe where Yahoo! has historically had poorer content services to support search than the US had. Bing looks like a waste of time hence the anti-trust subterfuge

Social Networking: The Present – interesting time-line on social software

An Undocumented Google Search Operator – AROUND – similar to the AROUND command in Factiva

Ovi app wizard beta – for the sake of 10 minutes it is worthwhile looking at

New Zealand leak: US-style copyright rules are a bad deal – Boing Boing

Cadbury and B&Q flagged as targets for tax protests – Brand Republic News – this poses an interesting challenge to CSR

The Age of Monitoring – Unleashed (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) – interesting essay on privacy in the modern age

EMI Promotes Music on ‘Piracy Haven’ RapidShare | TorrentFreak – not terribly surprising given that Viacom was using YouTube in a similar manner

The Blueprint | the human network – Mark Pesce on the timeline of the Wikileaks Cablegate debacle and its wider implications for technology and suggests that Wikileaks is moving from a website to an idea or philosophy which is much more dangerous for governments already in conflict with their publics over the likes of media sharing

Free E-book | New Music Strategies – interesting piece of work recommended by Mike Monday

Wikileaks and the vapourware of Cloud Computing – broadstuff – cloud computing like other technologies before it has been over-hyped, but vapourware is a bit strong

Tax protest forced Topshop in London to close – RTÉ News – interesting reputational challenge for large corporates like Arcadia

Social Editors and Super Nodes – An Appreciation of RSS – John Battelle’s Searchblog – John Battelle on RSS that I get a name-check on

Make Conquering Housework a Habit with the 1-Minute Rule

Social media influencers 2010 – download the final report | Social media agency London | FreshNetworks blog – interesting report, however there is more to influence than mummy bloggers and that may affect the results

Online orders turn MTR into marketplace – interesting that mass transit stations are places for real-world exchanges. seems to be a mix of forum, social network and Craigslist

China Telecom Launches New eSurfing SIM Cards | – this will come in handy

15 of the lamest Google Ads ever | Econsultancy – some real howlers here

Keeping Romance Alive in the Age of Female Empowerment – – interesting how salary imbalances are apparently affecting areas like dating

CFO Outlook Survey | GE Data Visualization – really cool visualisation

The frustration and anger of America’s middle class: America’s frustrated middle class | The Economist – looks like Palin for president then

Wikileaks cables reveal that the US wrote Spain’s proposed copyright law – Boing Boing – interesting comfirmation of what many countries suspect about their IP laws. Expect a backlash

USA v. Crippen — A Retrospective « bunnie’s blog – interesting primer on DRM as employed on the Microsoft Xbox 360

MICHAEL WOLF | Tokyo Compression – series of pictures showing people squeezed on to trains. Just like the central line really, but with less aggro