Analogue user experience | 设计 analogue user experience

This is a picture of a VU meter, it is from a late-1970s vintage Aiwa model AD 6700 cassette player | recorder.
Back before micro-chips powered numerical values on VFDs or LCDs the time left on tapes was usually displayed with a mechanical rotary clock like the odometer on a car dashboard.

The designers of the machine decided to simplify the user experience by providing an easy scale to read off. It was an elegant solution, particularly when slide rules were in common usage. So how to read it would have been self-evident, just as the window, mouse pointer interface of the first web browsers were familar to PC users.

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  1. Hi Ged,

    Brought back a few memories. I remember using slide rules and log tables in school before the arrival of digital calculators with red LEDs.

    Developing your strand further, we now have a generation of children that do not know what a floppy disc is, and therefore do not know why it is used as the icon on MS Word “Save” buttons etc.

    To reflect this, should the “Save” icon be replaced by a more universal symbol e.g. a goalkeeper? And being mischievous, will the Apple goalkeeper icon depict a save, and the Windows “Save” icon display the goalkeeper being nutmegged?

    Kind regards,


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