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Generations Online in 2010 | Pew Internet & American Life Project

Record Labels Blame Google For Piracy, Hint At Censorship | TorrentFreak – this is on dangerous ground for the search business. If they start censoring at the request of businesses it changes the legal position of search for defamation, reputation etc. On the other hand if Google gives the record companies what they want, why not censor all artists with BPI affiliated as search terms and see write off legitimate sites as collateral damage (^_^)

Larry Flynt: Why I Am Donating $50,000 to WikiLeaks’ Defense Fund – interesting stance by Larry Flynt

Newsrewired: Engagement behind the Times paywall: the real return on investment of communities | TheMediaBriefing

Millennials Are Advocates, Influencers and Most of All, Big Shoppers – AdAgeChina – Viewpoint – not just little emperors. But then how does this take account of the ‘ant’ phenomena?

1R7 – Simple, Effective Bookmarking – astonishingly fast put together social bookmarking tool

Yahoo Just Killed… Consumer Confidence In Them – true but only about early adopter customers who are leaving anyway. Some interesting comments below about prepping the Yahoo! business for sale. The big problem is the overseas assets which the company has failed to address

Shinsuke Takizawa: The Inspirations of a NEIGHBORHOOD | Hypebeast – awesome interview with Takizawa-san

The cultural genome: Google Books reveals traces of fame, censorship and changing languages | Not Exactly Rocket Science | Discover Magazine – really interesting study on how language changes over time

Great Tools For Your Mac By Andreas Hegenberg » BetterTouchTool & SecondBar – secondbar is great for working across monitors

Spin Clean Record Washing System: World’s leading and most dependable record cleaner since 1975

Teach Parents Tech – really nicely executed

Body Browser – Google Labs

Here’s Why Apple Stock Is Going To $1,000 – interesting presentation. Some of the market research methodology is something I would question such as a total sample size of 65 consumers. Interesting that BlackBerry was skewing old, yet BBM is popular amongst young people.

Social Networking Watch: Cyworld’s Battle With Facebook

Bulkr – Download Flickr photos in batches (Mac, Windows & Linux) – trust but verify, back-up your flickr pictures before Carol Bartz welds her magic knife again

delicious blog » What’s Next for Delicious? – yeah right

50 Cent’s New Vitamin Water: 3-D Sunglasses | Fast Company – buying into Gunnar Optics

How Luxury Goods Affect the Brain and Drive More Purchases | Fast Company

Infographic: Apple’s App Store Visualized | Fast Company

TECHNOLOGY REPORT » Computer Consciousness – let the games begin! – interesting developments in AI

Consumption Standard For Chinese “New Nobility” Up 22% Over Last Year « Jing Daily

A Chinese Demographic Not To Neglect: Trendy, Big-Spending Men (Jing Archives) « Jing Daily

Transvestites get fashionable with niche shopping site – niche market exploitation is something that is done really well in Japan.

How to make money from beauty blogging |

Hong Kong’s best indie bookstores |

Why the Kids Don’t Blog and Grandma’s on Facebook | Fast Company – Foster rejects criticisms of arts hub plan – its quite funny how this appears like a bitch fight