Oprah Time: The Future Of The Future by Richard Seymour | 设计理念

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The Future Of The Future is a pamphlet written by Richard Seymour and published by product design consultants seymourpowell.
the future of the future
As you’d expect from a veteran product designer Richard Seymour has a lot of things to say about the future. He has gone to the trouble of writing a concise book; presumably because business leaders wouldn’t wade through a great tome.

Fortunately what’s there is all common sense rather than the wide-eyed messianic experience after having brought the technology stone tablets down from the Ivy League research labs. Instead he is quoting from concepts in Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan.

Seymour is very good at looking at the the human side of things, realising that though as  William Gibson said ‘The future’s already here, its just unevenly distributed‘; who its distributed to and how they interpret it as important as how clever or innovative the product actually is.

He has five rules in the book to help business leaders think about the future, but I think that they are great rules to just get people to think:

  • Plan for discontinuity
  • Understand the young
  • Sustainability is in the deck
  • Get out more
  • Talk to someone who works in the future

Thanks to Wadds for arranging to get me a copy of the pamphlet.