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how corporations think about brand innovation- unilever :: Influxinsights

iPhone = Mac 2.0 | Monday Note – interesting take by Gasee on the iPhone | iPad

Britain’s newspapers leading world in media innovation, says The Economist | Wadds’ PR Blog

FT Tilt – focus on emerging markets

How Microsoft beat Apple to the Mac App Store by four years – and then dumped it | Technology |

A tale of two IPOs – Umair Haque – a comparison of Google and Facebook

Unleashing innovation in China – McKinsey Quarterly

Eye-catching CES gadgets, Part 2

Ogilvy expert’s top 3 insights to Social Media Trends for 2011 | The Wall Blog

ECJ rules that GUIs can be copyright-protected | Pinsent Masons LLP – this could make the Nokia | Apple battle interesting

News of the World employee suspended amidst further hacking allegations | Pinsent Masons LLP – slow creeping scandal. But lets be honest about it, the UK establishment will not have the courage to take on News International