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Data point: Gamification’s effect on everyday life | JWT Intelligence – interesting that it resonates most with Gen-X

China to Air Pro-China Ad in U.S. During Hu Visit – WSJ – surely the brief should have been placed with an agency that better understands the intended markets and has ‘consumer’ insight?

What factors led to the bursting of the Internet bubble of the late 90’s? – Quora – Steve Case of Aol fame on what happened

Google’s Open Web Advocate Talks White House Web ID Plan | WebProNews – good write-up on the US Government’s ID initiative

The Strength of Weak Ties – good network theory background reading

New Contact Lenses With LED Displays is Must-See TV, Literally – ExtremeTech – awesome Terminator vision ^_^

Yahoo Says It’s “Absolutely Committed” to Flickr – no one actually talks in this management legalese

Foxconn Exported USD48 Billion Products From Shenzhen In 2010 – – that’s a lot of iPhones

Why I Don’t Use Facebook | John C. Dvorak – veteran column troll John C Dvorak isn’t someone I normally find myself agreeing with but much of the sentiment in this post is on the money. Of course he misses out the bit about Aol being a successful formula for a long time, killed by broadband and evil blotware rather than imperfections in their basic concept

LG says WP7 hasn’t gone well so far, while Android hurts RIM more than iPhone | Technology | – ‘lower consumer visibility‘of WP7 is what they actually talked about

Social media in BRIC countries – some useful reference materials here

Synth pioneer Roger Linn shows us his new analog drum machine, Tempest (video) – Engadget

Southeast Asian Nations Reveal ICT Masterplan, China Is of Little Help | Fast Company – China ramping up on cyber threats due to viruses and phishing attacks

Monocolumn – Rivals for the art of Asia [Monocle] – Singapore and Hong Kong duke it out for the art market

Silk – really nice visualisation done in HTML5

Network neutrality: A tangled web | The Economist