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» Twitter Faux Pas – lemonade from social media lemons. Mainly because of a timely correction, transparency and there was a lot of goodwill in the brand already created

Capitalism for the long term articles from McKinsey Quarterly – it’s funny. I remember Will Hutton pushing this line in his ‘The State We’re In‘ during the mid-1990s

What is a good Engagement Rate on a Facebook Page? – Socialbakers – mediaczar’s posterous | mix it up. mash it out. – interesting Jumpcut-esque site

Facebook Places eats Foursquare’s discount lunch | FT tech hub – small business, small budgets and Facebook brand recognition

The Brutal Decline of Yahoo – really nice infographic | timeline by JESS3

McDonald’s engagement party on Valentine’s Day | – great PR stunt

Jack Ma Flies Thousands of Miles to Palo Alto, Still Doesn’t Want to See Carol Bartz – Jack Ma has only gone higher in my estimation

Hong Kong-Listed Luxury Brands Faring Best In Mainland China: More To Come? « Jing Daily – mid-market to high-end focus and attention to Chinese consumer needs

Elop is after me | Code diary – interesting how much of the Qt developer community want to fork the environment and move away from Nokia. This could adversely affect the plans to sell 150 million Symbian phones over the next couple of years

Asiajin » Which Foreign Startups Are Doing Well In Japan “Under The Radar”?

Official Google Blog: New Chrome extension: block sites from Google’s web search results – social search in reverse, however if it gets a critical mass it could be as powerful as Akismet has been for blog spam

Twitter Trends Driven Mostly by Mainstream Media | Fast Company – echo chamber like blogs

Are Chinese Shoppers Ready For Luxury With Chinese Characteristics? « Jing Daily – it looks like the brands are there to meet the demand as it arrives

TNT using Social Media for Customer Service on Apple contract | Andy Woods Blog – salesy as hell in tone, but great case study on the use of social media as a business ‘canary-in-the-coal-mine’

What future for the Macintosh? | Monday Note – a great collection of data points

Research In Motion Acquires Professional Contact Manager Gist – smart move by RIM, the address book is an area that smartphones have struggled with