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Digital sharecropping: the stick to beat the social web | 数字佃农

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This tweet from Brian Clark was getting a lot of rotation on Twitter.
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I found it interesting less because of its accusation of Quora than of its attitude to the social web. Much of the arguments about Quora in Scoble’s post could be just as easily made against Facebook, The Huffington Post or LinkedIn. Quora was never about blogging, it is more about expert reputation in the same way that LinkedIn is about professional reputation.

For many people blogging is about demonstrating their expertise and providing ‘thought leadership’, however may blogs get little to no readership and Quora can can aggregate eyeballs around topics of interest.

The sharecropping allegory is brought up again and again by people who don’t understand the currency of kudos and the fact that there is a certain amount of altruism in society. It was something that I had to deal with on more than one occasion when I worked at Yahoo! talking about the concept of knowledge search.

Services like Quora are more like a digital barn-raising than sharecropping, since people share their knowledge in the expectation of tapping into others expert when they need it – there is a strong altruistic element to it.

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Out and about: How much does your building weigh Mr Foster | 电影审查

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How much does your building weigh Mr Foster is a documentary on Sir Norman Foster and his firm Foster + Partners. The tone of the documentary is uncritical so that it comes across as a promotional film, but it has some great content in it. Key outtakes for me were:

Much of their approach is about having a ‘young optimistic’ view of things, by that they mean:

  • A modernist derived view that didn’t necessarily consider industry and science as evil – Foster liked the ‘romance’ of industrial Chicago in the 1960s whilst at Yale studying architecture
  • Trying new processes new materials
  • New ideas
  • Boldness
  • Thinking big

They think long and hard about experience:

  • Making it enriching
  • Signless design – a design shouldn’t need signage, it should just work
  • His designs broke down class boundaries at the Olsen building he wanted to provide as good a building experience for blue collar workers as he did for their managers

Despite being knowledge economy workers, they needed to scale to a global business with points-of-presence worldwide to provide financial security.

Foster had served in the RAF and this influenced the efficiency focus of his designs influencing structures and the kind of materials that they used. This was reinforced by his friendship with Buckminster Fuller.
How much does your building weigh Mr Foster

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Links of the day | 在网上找到

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IT growth and global change: Ray Kurzweil interview – McKinsey Quarterly (reg wall) – Ray Kurzweil is good value as always

London being left behind by Chinese shoppers – UK visa system to blame

The mistakes I made in Quora — Scobleizer – some good stuff here when we think about thought leader participation on Quora – bodes well for quality of content on their and user engagement

8 New LinkedIn Features Worth Exploration | Social Media Examiner – I am a big fan of LinkedIn some of this is great, though I know ads can be expensive for what you get

Fridge | Simple and private social networks

Export and Analyze Social Media Analytics With – something to trial

Online physician communities in UK and France join forces | InPharm – interesting move, more of a sales alliance than a ‘super’ med platform Says Wireless Revenues Fell While Search Revenues Grew In China – – counterintuitive numbers given the rise of Baidu

Radio: What Is Balearic? « Test Pressing – love the voxpops feel of this (and the subject matter)

Words matter: Smartphones vs Smart phones – I’d forgotten about the tortured linguistics of analyst-speak

At Flickr, Fending Off Rumors and Facebook – – the mistake being made is the value of unique users rather than thinking about the quality of the unique users

Economic statistics: Hu’s counting II | The Economist – China’s positive benefits

UK ISPs Moot Anonymous Internet Solution to Circumvent New Data and Piracy Laws − ISPreview UK

YouTube – dpjchannel’s Channel – now featuring English summaries. It’s interesting how Japanese politicians are now thinking about an external as well as domestic audience

Hennessy Mix for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store – interesting app using web of no web tech coming out of Diageo’s Hong Kong subsidiary featuring MC Jin

Wealthy in Hong Kong, South Korea Most Likely to Buy Flashy Car | WSJ – no surprise to anyone who has seen the Rolls Royce models driving around Central

Chinese youth take mobile web lead: News from – eyes on China

Prada’s Hong Kong IPO: the consumer implications – – interesting idea about the luxury market taste maturation cycle in China. It oversimplifies the demographics and tribes behind luxury purchases

Narrative Science Raises $6 Million for Automated Stories | AllThingsD – this might be what is needed to get content farms like Demand Media to make serious money

Why metrics-driven startups overlook brand value | Andrew Chen – not just start-ups the Kelkoo people I knew didn’t have much time for it either

Douban Raised $10M in Series B : China Web Radar – really interesting demographic using Douban

Should Nokia Be Looking At Android or WP7? Not Yet: Tech News and Analysis «it’s still too early for Nokia to look to another OS, which would be a major admission of defeat and may not provide the momentum to make it worthwhile – for much the same reasons that a wider eco-system didn’t help out Apple back in the mid 1990s

App launched to help student protestors avoid trouble – curious to know what the legal position is on this, given that sites relating to student demos have been taken down previously

Nokia collaborates with China’s Internet service providers to bring location services using Ovi Maps

China cuts import tariff on electronics – this should be very helpful to Japan given the premium that is put on ‘Made in Japan’ goods

After Just A Year, Even Google Surprised By Success Of Click-To-Call – makes sense, its the flip side of why WAP online pizza ordering sites failed: least path of resistance for the consumer

Google’s Legal Woes Not Impacting Brand: Survey – because the company promise is delivered flawlessly to consumers

How Steve Jobs ‘out-Japanned’ Japan – the zen principle of Ma or what Sun Tzu called the void.

Recosoft – PDF Converter for Mac, PDF to Excel, PDF to PPT, PDF to Word, Mac PDF Converter

The Abdication of the HTML Standard – Slashdot – standards increasingly dominated by four organisations rather than a broader church of interested parties

Data point: Millennials, Gen X want more from the retail experience | JWT Intelligence – post-consumer trend, buying an experience, eco-system or lifestyle

How you and Google are losing the battle against spam in search results – I can’t see anyone stepping up to the algorithimic search crown though

PayPal in India is ‘Close to Dead’ – this is going to adversely affect freelance work being done out of India

Silhouetter for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad – interest photo app

JustUnfollow – Unfollow Twitter users who do not follow you! – Twitter spring cleaning similar to Friend or Follow

「可口可乐」新愿欢享中国年 – Coca Cola’s Chinese New Year’s campaign using Sina Weibo (Twitter of China)

The Rise of the New Global Elite – The Atlantic – interesting piece. My concern is does that ambivalence pave the way for a backlash?