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Odd process design

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I got a package from Germany the other day, here’s a picture of it.
Mystery package
The little sparkle of colour is a DHL hologram, whilst the rest of the box is emblazoned with Deutsche Post. Surely I should be able to tell that the service is DHL by the performance rather than a brandmark technique which hints that there maybe unscrupulous counterfeit service providers out there?

市场营销 | marketing | 마케팅

The folly of technology co-marketing budgets

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One the the things I used to hate about technology marketing is that it was so predictable with speeds, feeds, a price and with an inane marketing line that actually means nothing and doesn’t give the consumer a compelling reason to purchase the product in the first place.
The problem with Android
Whilst it might be the post-PC era, thankfully speeds and feeds are now missing; its disappointing to see that the worst practice in technology marketing continues to live on selling mobile handsets.

中国 | china | 중국 铭记 | branding | 브랜드 마케팅

Selling China to the world

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An advert was commissioned by the Chinese government from a Shanghai-based agency to promote China in advance of President Hu’s visit to the US. The problem was that the video didn’t resonate all that well with western audience;  maybe it was the agency, maybe it was the brief or maybe it was time constraints and the need to do something.

EF, the language school commissioned this much more personal portrait of China as way of selling the country as a destination for language students and I think it is much more successful since it shows Chinese humanity rather than a litany of facts. The agency Camp David have made a great video that is not only an ambassador for EF but China, they managed to give Beijing the appeal of Paris.

EF – Live The Language – Beijing from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo.

Hat tip to Shanghaist