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US Proposals For Secret TPP ‘Son Of ACTA’ Treaty Leaked; Chock Full Of Awful Ideas | Techdirt – expanding what’s patentable, blocking people from buying copyrighted goods in other countries and taking them home (no multi-region DVDs, music imports etc), expanding liability for ISPs whose users commit acts of infringement, forcing ISPs to identify their users to anyone on demand, and getting rid of third-party patent review

TWO MINUTE SUMMARY: EU PRIVACY LEGISLATION MAY 2011 – iCrossing – total confusion

Marissa Mayer: Google Will Connect the Digital & Physical Worlds Through Mobile – but they are going very slowly about it; Dodgeball being a case in point

The Global Google Battle for Vertical Search – Search Engine Watch (SEW) – probably more interesting than social search because of the targeted contextual nature of vertical search. The user is already committed

Adobe’s Omniture May Build, Acquire or Partner Its Way Into Mobile Even More | AllThingsD – Omniture is still a player despite being late moving because its strong search client base is more likely to be open to a transmedia approach

The Focus Group will Eat itself – Sense Worldwide – interesting take on Gutcheck – a new web 2.0 service positioned as the Survey Monkey of focus groups

Is the brand more important than the product? | pharmaphorum – interesting discussion on intellectual property, marketing and the pharmaceutical industry

Sympathy for Japan, and Admiration | NEW YORK – TOKYO – says everything that needs to be said. I guess at this moment in time we are ALL Japanese

Sony Sets Kazuo Hirai as Possible CEO Successor to Howard Stringer | SiliconANGLE

Yahoo Sale Of Delicious For $5 Million Rumored | WebProNews – be interesting to see if this is true, how they’ll handle the fact that delicious guts are no so reliant to the Yahoo! backend systems and who they’ve sold it to

Shennan Hongling junction – aerial panorama of Shenzhen’s main road

Aerial panorama of the OTC district of Shenzhen – awesome view

Seven steps to better brainstorming – McKinsey Quarterly – amazed McKinsey didn’t manage to squeeze in the phrase ‘design thinking’

PepsiCo Blog Portal – SXSW keynotes here

Why iPad 2 Won’t Have Much Competition In 2011—Unless It’s From Amazon | Forrester Blogs

Can China compete with American manufacturing? – – really two articles in one, the need for China to move up the value scale on one hand, and the automation of manufacturing and continual need for innovation both the US and China on the other

Nostalgia A Strong Draw For China’s “Post-80s” Consumers « Jing Daily – interesting how older brands are resonating with consumers

Why Nokia failed: ‘Wasted 2,000 man years’ on UIs that didn’t work • The Register – interesting analysis. Lack of customer focus