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Facebook Comments – your comments are no longer yours – Facebook comments hurt SEO!

Hong Kong launches electronic incorporation service | China business news – facilitating business

You are listening to Montréal – ambient music and police dispatcher’s live broadcasts played side-by-side. Pure awesomeness

Wristwatches, Reimagined – Will Young Shoppers Care? – – more wearable computing ideas

IABUK : Telegraph profits rise by 53 per cent – digital carrying its weight

The PC Will Become The Next Typewriter, Says One Of Its Inventors – really interesting smart read

CHART OF THE DAY: Watch Groupon Go From 0 To $25 Billion In The Blink Of An Eye – but is it worth it. Still not convinced

Mac App Store Revenue Already Half Of iPad’s | mocoNews – its all about more expensive productivity applications

Foreign Media Reporting – Danny Choo setting the record straight versus The Sun this week

We are animals | Wrangler Europe – great site by Wrangler and Stink Digital allowing you to experience their ads in the first person

China’s 12th Five Year Plan. Infrastructure, Infrastructure, And More Infrastructure. Did We Say Infrastructure? : China Law Blog : China Law for Business – impressive and I suspect that they will match or exceed these numbers

Are Four Words Worth $25 Billion for Groupon? – BusinessWeek – simple UX design

AP Kicks Hyphens to the Curb: ‘Email’ and ‘Cellphone’ Now Real Words – important for American clients

Evolving global manga | The Japan Times Online – Japanese companies finally getting on board with their accidential success and taking manga into emerging markets

Burger King hunts agency after Crispin Porter split – Brand Republic News – looks like the private equity owners aren’t a great believer in brand equity / Asia-Pacific – Micro towns bring evacuees a sense of order – helps with societal cohesion. There is one bit near the end where an old person talks about being awake in the middle of the night and there is no snoring meaning that lots of people are still awake afraid of sharing their troubles with others – it’s a real sucker punch when you read it (Paywall)

The Greggs Adventure | A long-running series in which I review every sandwich and pastry sold by Greggs. – absolute genius