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Coca-Cola cut ad spend by 6.6% and invest more in social media | Social media agency London | FreshNetworks blog – so are retailers slower to get on the social bandwagon?

Wenger Titanium Knives | Uncrate – love the way the blade doubles as a spanner due to titanium, really interesting design idea

IKEA Hong Kong brings real-life value to the social experience

‘The Olympics made me to see that the world exists’. Taey remembers a trip to the Seoul Olympics in 1988. « biglop – I love this interview with my friend Taey. It’s funny the things that we remember; the memory artifacts of childhood

What’s in a name? | – will Jimmy Choo buy his firm back – effortless mailing lists – yet one less reason for using Microsoft Exchange

Top technology brands and topics mentioned in press releases – PRFilter Technology PR Rankings February 2011 – but are these subjects actually aligned with what the end audience actually cares about? I suspect for items like cloud it just isn’t the case

Japan Doesn’t Have An Eggman Nuclear Plant – Fox News mistakes Shibuya, Tokyo music venue for a nuclear power station (you couldn’t make this up)

Denise, Denise! I Gotta Crush on You! « Plain Or Pan? – Primal Scream remembered

UK adspend sees “power shift”: – interesting the spend shift between retailers and FMCG brands

Coke is winning “cola wars”: – Pepsico taking a pounding

China’s Tencent Net Profit Up 56.2% In 2010 – – despite fierce competition

Which mobile users will platforms harvest first? | asymco – some interesting analysis here