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YouTube takes down Apple employee ‘It gets better’ public service video

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Apple employees put up a beautifully made video of encouragement for young  LGBT people dealing with growing up in a largely conservative world as part of Dan Savage’s It Gets Better campaign. I posted the video on this blog yesterday evening, however overnight it seems to have been taken down. This is what you see at the time of writing:
youtube JPG
There is a bit of irony in all this as Google has previously contributed a video to the campaign. Here’s some of the comments that taking down the video has garnered on the video’s YouTube channel:


Shadowhawke27 (3 hours ago)
Disgusting. They leave videos of hate-filled filth up on YouTube all the time, but they pull down such a beautiful, heartening, message. Can we all band together and demand they put it back up or something?!
itechkid (4 hours ago)
For those who can’t google, this is the reason why YOUTUBE pulled the video:
One difference between the Apple employee video and some of the others we watched, however, is that the Apple employee video includes detailed stories of harassment perpetrated upon them in their youth, as well as accounts of contemplated and attempted suicide. It could be that those accounts caused this video to be pulled.
HelloSerendipity (5 hours ago)
This is really not right. It needs to be reported as an abuse of the system.
ravedog (5 hours ago)
A bunch of people probably flagged it (and lied)… and the automatic process took them down. I hope what happens is that when a YT human finally gets around to reviewing this: that not only do they put the video back up, but that they suspend the accounts of the people who abused the system. Otherwise their hate will just be allowed to run free unchecked.
mericship (6 hours ago)
how is this video any different than those from the Trevor project? Youtube are you kidding me with your reason?!
TheIronTank (6 hours ago)
Why was this video taken down? I wanted to see what it was about. douchebags.
bbg5000 (7 hours ago)
The video was probably automatically removed. I’m guessing a bunch of god-loving, anti-freedom, right-wing conservative loons flagged the video as inappropriate.
donotdreamitbit (7 hours ago)
I am outraged that this video has been removed! We are in the third millennium and this is what gets censored? A video encouraging people to hold on to precious life? These are dire times indeed if that is not an acceptable message.
drumpat01 (8 hours ago)
WHy did they remove your video?? WTF YouTube??

Is this incident highlighting the problems of automated moderation systems, or Google taking the beef with Apple to a new level?

UPDATE: The video is now back up and running, you can watch it here.