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Online video falling short in UK: News from – not convinced by the methodology around this. Based on asking consumers rather than behavioural observation

MediaTek looks to restructure, sources claim – MediaTek have made it easy for hundreds of phone manufacturers in China to roll out their own handsets, this restructure looks like an expansion into other markets

Yahoo Moves Fast To Scoop Up IntoNow For $20 – $30 Million – media check-ins

The Etiquette of dating via BBM

Social Search is Already Being Gamed | Social Web Thing – yes The New Yorker is evil, but it also says something powerful about their brand that people were prepared to like their content first and read it afterwards

Microsoft Makes a Big Data Play with Project Barcelona – enterprise data search

RIM Needs More From Playbook To Reclaim Mobile Mojo | paidContent

Google’s China market share: declining | – its not just Baidu who is gaining