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L.A. Noire lets impatient gamers skip the hard parts – interesting move

Segmenting China’s digital consumers – McKinsey Quarterly – 750 million online by 2015

How important is action based measurement to you? | pharmaphorum A room with a view: how to measure value in social media – the action based economy

AppleInsider | Apple’s ‘iPhone 6’ to employ Sharp’s next-gen p-Si LCDs in spring 2012 – thinner lighter display

Apple Q&A on Location Data – at the end of the day, the average consumer just doesn’t care

Your DMCA Complaint to Google Should be Thorough

Groklaw – Barnes & Noble Charges Microsoft with Misusing Patents to Further an Anticompetive Scheme Against Android – this is much bigger than it seems

Lessig: Copyright isn’t just hurting creativity: it’s killing science (video) | Motherboard – at critical points in the growth of the US, copyright was much more laissez faire

Google Realtime Search Quietly Adds Quora, Gowalla, Others

Thoughts on a “risk averse BBC”, as covered in the Guardian today | :Ben Metcalfe Blog – it will be interesting to see if The Guardian hold their hand up with their role in this whole sorry car crash

Digital Pharma: Bayer UK’s Twitter slip-up | InPharm – genius

China: Baidu Says 80% Of Chinese Android Phones Will Have Baidu Search By Default – and this is surprising because? Verizon is using Bing as the default search engine on many Android phones

Goldman Sachs Has Had No Analyst Covering Microsoft For Months Now – nothing to see here, move along. Probably why no upside to the share price

Yahoo Weighs Spinning Out Hadoop Engineering Group for $1 Billion Opportunity – ReadWriteCloud

Nokia hands Symbian to Accenture, to shed 7,000 jobs – Telecompaper – interesting bit is how Accenture will provide mobility software, business and operational services around the Windows Phone platform to Nokia and other ecosystem partners. Accenture is the go to market strategy?

Hong Kong Hustle » Mini-malls make a dramatic resurgence! – part of the awesome discoveries that you can make in Hong Kong

What price blogging? | Let’s get digital. – shilling so cheap? Makes me wonder about the business model of content farms

50% of Printers Charge for a QR Code – why on earth are they charging for printing QR codes? Its like charging extra to print URLs, email addresses or telephone numbers

Communities Dominate Brands: Smartphones Bloodbath Year 2, Q1: Now Nokia. Ouch, this is painful – Tomi breaks down Nokia’s quarterly results. Can Nokia keep the business together and make the transition to Windows? The numbers don’t look good

The Windows 8 Leaks Keep Coming: Is Microsoft Behind Them? – ExtremeTech – I wouldn’t be surprised, it fits in with the usual news drip strategy that Microsoft has used in the past (and part of the reason why they love blogs)

Demand Media’s Stock Drops Like Its Google Traffic – I couldn’t work out why people would buy into the IPO anyway as the content farm model is very tight on margins versus cost of creation

How Pizza Hut could eat Facebook for lunch « excapite – the key thing here is scale enough? / Technology – Instant messaging forecast to hit texting – not terribly surprising however Disco may change this

CBS Outdoor to take TfL to court over London Underground losses – Brand Republic News – not surprising when you think about how many ‘Londoner’ posters CBS Outdoor have been running to hide the amount of spare inventory that they have

Murdoch’s News Corp set to become the UK’s biggest advertiser – Brand Republic News – seven letters, starts with M, means monopolist can also be family name

TelecomTV | Reality bites Deutsche Telekom as senior executive admits T-Mobile USA was uncompetitive also-ran – just like in the UK then

Worst Energizer Night Race 2011 Ever!! No Medals & Headlamps+++ | Tian Chad

Facebook trials group buying deals | New Media Age – now we’ll see if a large sales force and email database is all you need

Radio Show | Billy Daniel Bunter & Slipmatt – Kool London Show | 21.03.11. – I think this is what I woke up to on Monday morning, not sure though

Three Yahoo Vets Seek to Build New Commerce Network Called ChoozOn | AllThingsD

Mobile App Developers Seeing Two-Horse iOS-Android Race | mocoNews – no real surprises here, but doesn’t bode particuarly well for RIM or WebOS

The BBC Is Struggling to Tighten Its Belt –

Asahi Glass to Roll ‘World’s Thinnest’ Glass Substrate for Touch Sensors — Tech-On!

RSS Feed Search Engine – genius