The Social List by The Sunday Times

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Thanks to VCCP, I got to go along to the launch of The Sunday Times new social comparator The Social List. Simply put, its Klout or PeerIndex for the average Joe. Radian6 or Brandwatch won’t be shaking in their boots. And by the time you read this you will probably see a lot of ‘back and forth’ on its various demerits – seriously there a lot of people who need to get a life. At best this is supposed to be a social object to allow The Sunday Times to be talked about and attributed online, which has been sorely lacking since all their content went behind the pay-wall.

The whole app was coded in HTML5 and looks really nice. It has one feature that I think may become controversial. There is a follow feature, that allows you to follow top list members across social media platforms and maybe misused rather like previous influential blogger and twitter lists have been by PROs with no clue about targeting. Find out where you stand: The Social List.