Links of the day | 在网上找到

California Lawmakers May Force Facebook to Change Privacy Processes | AllThingsD – California has a reputation for trend-setting consumer protection law: catalytic converters were first legislated here

Google’s Define Operator, No Longer Useful – oh Google!

Sauce Scout – Sauce Labs – saves you having to have machines just for testing

How To Save Yahoo While There Is Still Time – interesting analysis

The iPad Is Becoming The Only “PC” That Matters – or early adopters are heavy users

Countries That Adopted Facebook Early See Lower Traffic Growth Rates, Occasionally Negative – Facebook maturing, moving on to failing?

Guess Who Is The First Twitter User To Reach 10 Million Followers – Lady Gaga

McDonald’s to begin replacing humans with terminals and swipe cards – TNW Gadgets – crying out for automation

Foreign Manufacturing In China. Would The Last Company There Please Turn Out The Lights. : China Law Blog : China Law for Business – dramatic headline that discusses China’s improving economic prospects

New Privacy Laws in India and China Could Make IT Outsourcing Ugly | BNET – but should be reassuring for consumers

Revenge of the Invisible Hand – By Bruce Everett | Foreign Policy – this of course also means that much of the FTSE-related portfolios depending on Shell and BP for its value is screwed

Big Oil In Turnaround – By Edward C. Chow | Foreign Policy – good write-up on the current state of what were the 7 Sisters of the oil industry. I’d be more worried about energy security than the environment now

Alibaba Shifts Alipay to Jack Ma’s Private Company To Speed Up Getting Government License | TechNode – domestic ownership needed

Nearly 1 in 5 smartphone owners use check-in services | Digital Media – CNET News – really? It doesn’t pass the sniff test

Data point: Social one-upmanship drives FOMO | JWT Intelligence

Search Marketing Guide to Naver, Korea’s Most Popular Search Engine  – Search Engine Watch (#SEW) – Naver are pure class

Experian Hitwise – Viking Direct has six-fold increase in traffic thanks to YouTube – interesting B2B case study

Revolutionary material will oust silicon in future – Don’t tell Intel etc | TechEye