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Study Says Spam Can Be Cut by Blocking Card Transactions – – interesting that law enforcement hasn’t been looking at this

Can Chinese companies live up to investor expectations? – McKinsey Quarterly – interesting expectations. There is also an under-supply of shares available to Chinese domestic investors

Should Facebook ‘Likes’ have an expiry date? | FreshNetworks blog – interesting take

Asiajin » Snapeee: Can Teen Taste Snapshot Sharing Win Hearts Of The Young In Asia? – they need to pair up with people who print these pictures as stickers

Big Content rips into Google, the “corporate imperialist” – no they should ‘buy’ the kind of law they want through lobbyists instead like the BPI, MPAA, RIAA, Warner Music etc. Pot calling the kettle black

Anonymous and the Arab uprisings – Al Jazeera English – changing demographics or Anonymous?

Here Are The Lessons Of LinkedIn – a bit concerned by some of the ‘everythings changed’ superlative language being used

DOCOMO Develops Compact Multi-Band Power Amplifier | NTT DOCOMO Global – just goes to show that the Japanese can kick butt in the mobile hardware engineering market if they put their mind to it. However they still need schooling in user experience design

Android vaults to smartphone lead as Nokia faces ‘ugly’ future |

Google Boss: Anti-Piracy Law Would Be Disaster For Free Speech | paidContent

CardMunch – genius

Millennial generation workers are optimistic about jobs – May. 18, 2011 – apparently, unconcerned, needy and shallow?

Timberland launches geocaching treasure hunt – Brand Republic News

Why Metcalfe’s law appears to be inconsistent with web economics « excapite

@ pcMobile: Media R&D Teams Need Freedom, Flexibility | mocoNews

Flickr Designer Publicly Criticizes Flickr’s Design

Green Marketing Is Over. Let’s Move On. |

Restrictive copyright plays into music industry myths – The Globe and Mail

Michael Geist – UK IP Report Recommends Creating New Copyright Exceptions, Warns Against Over Regulation

U.S. Bill To Criminalize Illicit Movie / Music Streaming | TorrentFreak

Chinese want ‘culture apps’: News from – calligraphy on a touch phone etc

Did Microsoft pay for the wrong Skype? | asymco – interesting analysis

Apple, Google: Fraud Worries Obstacle To NFC, Says Morgan Keegan –

UK intellectual property review: ripping music could soon be legal – TNW UK