Links of the day | 在网上找到

Google Adds Flight Schedules to Search | Search Engine Journal

Data Wrangler – this looks better than Google Refine, ideal for cleaning up data with surplus syntax

8 Essential Tricks For Publicists Using Facebook – interesting that URL shorteners have such a negative effect

Mobile Users Just Wanna Have Fun – mobile seems to be mostly about entertainment

Majority of Paid Apps on Android Downloaded Less than 100 Times – long tail or a bit crap?

The End Of The Social Network Era, The Rise Of The Social Circle Era

Facebook says ‘Like’ button must not be used for voting in promotions | The Wall Blog – further hobbles the usefulness of the Like button

20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web – really nice execution

American Employees Are Staying Put | Fast Company

Taiwan Internet-surfing penetration over 73% at end of January 2011

Why No One Will Be Using Google Wallet Yet

Communicating in the People’s Republic by Added Value – WPP

London’s BERG: Reinventing the Concept of a Product Tech News and Analysis

Hedge fund star calls for Microsoft’s Ballmer to go | Reuters – not entirely surprising