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Apple – MobileMe transition and iCloud – I guess it’s then

The Big Idea: The Age of Hyperspecialization – Harvard Business Review

Hackers publish claimed Tony Blair contacts |

KFC’s Explosive Growth in China — HBS Working Knowledge – innovators dilemma personified

Social media is dead. Long live social media. | FH Beta

Upgrading Skype and Silver Lake to Evil | Felix Salmon – and people are surprised by the behaviour of private equity because? This will make it harder for Silver Lake to hire rock star talent, but then they probably don’t need it

Communities Dominate Brands: Will the Real Stephen Elop, Please Stand Up?

Hong Kong taxis now accepting Visa |

Taiwanese blogger sent to jail for giving a restaurant a bad review – Shanghaiist – interesting take on liable

Nokia’s Stephen Elop is still over MeeGo, even if the N9 is a hit – Engadget – this isn’t strategy its dogma

The Importance of China’s Rising Middle Class | STRATFOR – The Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS): estimated that the country’s middle class could number 104 million (nearly 8 percent of the country’s population) by the end of the year. (Paywall)

Google Kills Of PowerMeter, Google Health – AllThingsD – or there are less icky privacy concerns