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Through a straw darkly courtesy of TalkTalk Business

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As I write this the boffins at TalkTalk Business have managed to squeeze a little digital goodness down my telephone line to the DSL router. According to the speed test sites I have looked at I am now running at somewhere around 400 – 700 Kbits/second download and 400Kbits/second upload; which is the digital broadband equivalent of baby steps – this is in London within half a mile or so of the exchange and a proverbial stone’s throw away from Silicon Roundabout.

It is on a par with the screaming performance I had on my first broadband connection when I lived in Luton with a humble Thomson router plugged into my Apple iBook. This is a little bit before Apple laptops sprouted like weeds in coffee shops across the UK. Of course, a decade later and things should have moved on a bit?

At this rate, I can blog and use my RSS reader, email arrives and I can update my podcasts via iTunes. Flash adverts still take an age to load and YouTube splutters along in fits and starts.

I hope that this progress on the road to the digital superhighway will continue to improve rather than a destination!