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All But 7% Of Social Media Campaigns Used Facebook – much harder to get cut-through

Announcing Vimeo PRO, a new account for businesses on Vimeo Staff Blog – now much more interesting for PRs – Nationalisation threat for mines – if the nationalisation happens South Africa could go like Zimbabwe as western capital would be reluctant to invest. It may provide an opportunity for Chinese companies however – Hang by a thread – insight into the cheongsam | qipao makers left in Hong Kong with skills that are disappearing (paywall)

Yahoo UK & Others Switching To Bing Organic Results August 3rd – expect things to get a bit rocky

Paid, Earned, Owned & Shared Media – Online Marketing Blog – interesting piece about marketing communications mix in the digital age

Forrester: Why Tablet Commerce May Beat Out Mobile : MarketingProfs Article – bigger screen and convenience compared to desktop PC. Though I have to say eBay’s iPhone app is better than its iPad app

Mygazines – app free mobile publishing platform

DangDang CEO On Falling Below IPO Price: Most American Investors Are Incompetent

Freedom of Information requests show that UK copyright consultation was a stitch-up; Internet disconnection rules are a foregone conclusion – Boing Boing – despiriting but not particularly surprising

Media Guardian looks set to be next casualty of digital | Brand Republic blogs – jobs advertising revenue severely down. More likely that the Guardian’s business model is being disrupted

Cathay Pacific Japan ‹ Japan Today – details of Cathay Pacifics ‘We Love Japan‘ analogue word-of-mouth campaign

With the Bing Search Engine, Microsoft Plays the Underdog – – I am not seeing a cohesive vision to change search from Microsoft; this looks like the ‘we are innovative’ foot-stamping PR wrapped in a storytelling methodology that comes out of Microsoft corporate PR. I think that the social search stuff at Google and Facebook is of more interest. Bing needs to come out of the box with something 10 times better to get people to move in significant numbers. Qi Lu didn’t manage it at Yahoo!, what makes them think he can manage it at Microsoft?

Data Centers Using Less Power Than Forecast, Report Says – – green technology and virtualisation kicks in

Apple captured two thirds of available mobile phone profits in Q2 | asymco – it is interesting how the value is getting squeezed out of the market

Google Will Begin Deleting Private Google+ Profiles Today | WebProNews – how does this fit into ‘don’t be evil‘?

How Shanghai Schools Beat Them All | The Diplomat

Could Quantum Computing Kill Copyright? | TorrentFreak