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The 50th Anniversary of the Building of the Berlin Wall – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – really nice interactive picture set

The Science of Serendipity | Think Quarterly by Google

£100 wedding – interesting site

UK shakes up copyright laws, scraps plan to block websites | Reuters

Infographic: The Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords – Nicholas Jackson – Technology – The Atlantic

Second-Tier Spotlight: “Rich Second Generation” Fueling Ningbo Luxury Market « Jing Daily : The Business of Luxury and Culture in China – interesting divergence in consumer preferences

Why you can’t search for phpBB on Bing – interesting filtering techniques on Bing

Nosh – 404: Page Not Found – absolute genius of a 404 error page

Communities Dominate Brands: Musings From the Sidelines Observing the Bloodbath in Smartphones Nearing Q2 Final Results

WIMM Labs introduces tiny wearable computer platform, we go hands-on — Engadget – this reminds me of the wearable computing direction that Sony Ericsson were going on with their micro-screen / remote for their Android phones

CFG: Cosmo For Guys for iPad on the iTunes App Store – interesting segmentation model; digital apps is encouraging trialing and innovation in magazine space