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Verizon CEO: A Third Mobile Platform Will Emerge In The Next 12 Months | TechCrunch – interesting that Verizon think it could be any one of Samsung’s Bada, RIM’s QNX-based OS or Windows Phone. Doesn’t say much for the Nokia – Microsoft tag team that they haven’t FUD’ed the others out of the water yet

Renren: more than China’s Facebook – Event News – Digital – Campaign Asia-PacificBut we have gone through over 1000 brand ‘experiments’ with both local and international clients. And having run so many diverse campaigns, we can identify the moments of truth, the shared patterns for the success of social media creativity.” Much more similar to the kind of deals portals like Yahoo! did with big brands

4 Surprises From New Brand Loyalty Data | Aaker on Brands – discount and aspirational brands the winners – top and bottom of the markets

MAKE | Fire Without Matches: Twenty-Three Spontaneously-Igniting Reactions – this is what chemistry teachers used to do to inspire young students

Amazon’s Best Excuses for Abusing Sick and Pregnant Workers – PR train wreck in the making

Drawing the line at child brand ambassadors – the Weetabix child ambassador example felt wrong

Why Did Sina Shares Plunge 15% Tuesday? | DigiCha

Twitter Unveils Web Analytics Tool, Expands Promoted Tweets |

Facebook is about to feature-creep itself into a usage U-turn | VentureBeat

U.S. hair care services industry reaches US$19B in 2011, with 50 largest companies generating about 15% of revenue; demand partly driven by demographics, population growth

HTC exec: We will definitely beat Apple in patent disputes – MacDailyNews

AppleInsider | RIM’s PlayBook manufacturer cutting production lines as sales slump – interesting that they insisted on a Taiwan-based production line to try and stop shanzhai versions appearing in China. Seems a bit naive myself

Google Android Market fee favours big brands • reghardware

Windows 8 secure boot would ‘exclude’ Linux • The Register

TRSF: MIT Technology Review’s science fiction anthology – Boing Boing

Why Samsung won’t open the Bada OS box • The Register

Merging Glam and Ning : pmarca – interesting move reminiscent of the way dot.coms were consolidated

U.S.-China Trade Dispute, Poultry, Deficit | Bloomberg

Windows Phone manager who tweeted inside info about Nokia device is out at Microsoft – GeekWire – interesting that Microsoft is taking a harder stance on difficult social media comments

Forecast sees hard year, fewer chip makers – scary economic indicator for 2012 and beyond

Creative Review – Walrus introduced to Merseyside – I am not a fan of the Kenyonfraser branding

Jonty Skrufff interview | Ibiza Voice – top interview

Microsoft faces fresh antitrust probes in Ireland and Spain • The Register – this is probably as much about Microsoft’s tax evading ways

5 things an SEO should know about Open Site Explorer V3 – iCrossing

Google+ Opens To Everyone, Adds Search, Expands Hangouts

I, Cringely » Ballmer’s Last Stand

Natural scrolling: Why did Apple change the way we scroll? – Slate Magazine – cunning behavioural lock-in

China Says It May Regulate Corporate Structure Used for Overseas Listings – Bloomberg

As many as 40% of Facebook users ditch brand pages [infographic] | The Wall Blog

Samsung taking Bada open source in 2012? — Engadget

Microsoft paid out ‘more than £1 million’ to female executive – Telegraph

Warning: Fake games in the Market today : Android

CMO Survey: Fewer CMO’s Tying Sales Success to Social Media – looking at the data I wondered if social media has been less effective or people prefer to under promise and overachieve