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Original Creators: Philip K. Dick | The Creators Project

New Statesman – The Books Interview: James Palumbo

Popgadget : Q&A site Quora gets a new iPhone app – not sure about this does Quora have a mobile context?

Google: Microsoft extorts profits, hinders innovation and is failing in smartphone market

Nokia to turn mobile landscape on its head with ‘Meltemi’ smartphone OS

Fire – cdespinosa’s posterous – Amazon’s device a threat to Google’s cloud services

Marc Andreessen: The “Clock Is Ticking” On Oracle – thinks that the SaaS model will kill Oracle even with the largest clients and their particular needs

Check out the future of Wi-Fi (gigabit speeds) — Tech News and Analysis

Chinese Property Mogul, Soho CEO Zhang Xin, Sings Blues – China Real Time Report – WSJ

The Rise of the New Global Elite – Magazine – The Atlantic

Chinese phone systems ‘no threat’ to Google –

Amazon: Hardly An iPad Killer, Says Ticonderoga –