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Yahoo Chief Trust Officer Quits in Style on Facebook – AllThingsD – interesting that it went on Facebook justsayin’

Cup of Joe: Is Social Media Marketing Dying? – social media marketing as a specialism that is, rather than as an adjunct to other businesses is taking a tumble

Irs looks into google’s tax avoidance techniques- The Inquirer

‘Chinese LinkedIn’ Ushi Partners with GLG as Part of $3 Million Funding Round – China Real Time Report – WSJ

Taobao Mall Fee Spat Prompts Jack Ma’s Lament – WSJ – fee is refundable but clobbers small businesses cash flow at least for a while

Business cycles: Things could actually get a lot worse | The Economist – expecting the economy to go really bad

UK Times’ Digital Sales Still Growing But At Slower Rate | paidContent – putting aside for a moment what constitutes a digital subscriber for the Times Newspapers the strategy seems to be faltering but this could be the economy

Anti-Piracy Outfit Tries to Erase History | TorrentFreak – appallingly poor job at reputation management by AiPlex

New geological epoch made by humans – New Scientist – it’s called the Anthropocene period apparently (paywall)

Google’s Horowitz Talks About Moving On From Buzz | WebProNews

L2’s top 20 luxury brands using digital – Burberry lead the way | FreshNetworks London

China’s Social Media Equivalents: An Updated Infographic | Asia Digital Map

Windows 8: Is Microsoft flailing? | ExtremeTech – interesting debate around the Metro tile interface system

Shit That Siri Says – just pure zeitgeist