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Trouble in the algae lab for Craig Venter and Exxon | The Oil and the Glory

Car paint colors: Why are so many cars painted white, silver and black? – Slate Magazine – interesting changes in paint chemistry

Commentary: Apple being dragged into US-China trade war – speculation that American disputes with China is affecting US companies who exist in a globalised supply chain

Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street

Copyright policy in the UK: an evidence-free zone – Boing Boing

Nokia N9 review | This is my next… – interesting review about the potential Nokia had with MeeGo

European Commission put under pressure by Parliament to regulate on net neutrality

Monocolumn – The resurgence in regional craft businesses [Monocle] – a move against globalisation in luxury goods and interesting diversity in what luxury means

No Jobs or Zuckerberg in China’s internet industry – FT.comIt’s not about being smart but about being there first, just like gathering mushrooms (pay wall)

Wall Street’s Malaise Hits Emerging Markets – WSJ – global double dip

Facebook could face €100,000 fine for holding data that users have deleted | The Guardian – its not about the fine its about the behaviour

The moral of Dior’s numbers | – Galliano story didn’t affect Dior sales

OODA loop – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – something Will McInnes mentioned that stuck with me

Apple isn’t worried about the Kindle Fire, but should it be? | Econsultancy

Spooks still prefer BlackBerrys for swapping secrets • The Register