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Brand Disloyalty: Recession-weary Consumers Take Discounts to the Extreme – Knowledge@Wharton

Only Connect: Facebook, From The Eyes of an Old Newbie | John Battelle’s Search Blog – really interesting post on the Facebook experience

Daring Fireball Linked List: Apple Lossless Audio Codec Now Open Source

Phone Wars: What the Fans Say « Sysomos Blog – reminds me of how indifferent people were to Windows despite its marketshare

Will there be a Nokia tablet? | – yes Nokia may extend its licencing agreement with Microsoft

Chinese Search Engine Baidu’s Q3 Revenue Up 85 Percent To $655M; Profit Up 80 Percent To $295M | TechCrunch

[FPDI] Japanese Firm Develops ‘Invisible Glass’ — Tech-On! – dampens reflections

IT still hating on Apple: 41% block employee-owned Macs – its enough to get them to lose talent

Gates to students: Don’t try to be a billionaire, it’s overrated – GeekWire“I can understand wanting to have a million dollars, it’s freedom, but once you get beyond that, I have to tell you, it’s the same hamburger. Dick’s doesn’t raise their prices,” he said, referring to the Seattle-area fast-food chain. “But being ambitious is good.”

Apple’s 10-K Shows Asian Stake Sizzling – AllThingsDIn my lifetime I’ve never seen a country with as many people rising into the middle class aspiring to buy products that Apple makes

ARM unveils 64-bit architecture – servers to smartphones

UK court orders ISP to block Newzbin 2 filesharing site within two weeks, Hollywood smiles – Engadget

Nokia And Microsoft’s ‘Special Partnership’ Just Another Windows Phone | paidContent:UK – Nokia needed to do a solid phone first time out, I think its the next set of Lumia phones that will make or break things

Nightclub business suffering some more as Luminar goes bust | Fantazia – but maybe a catalyst for innovation in nightlife

Nokia Is Planning Wacky Stunts To Push Its New Windows Phones – reminds me a bit of Microsoft’s recent marketing efforts that have drawn criticism

Steve Jobs Solved the Innovator’s Dilemma – Harvard Business Review – focus on the product rather than the profit

Digital marketing’s latest dirty trick | FT Tech Hub – – paid for links

Storm Clouds Loom Over China’s Luxury E-Commerce – Forbes

Nokia Windows Lumia 800 710 Phones Pricey Uncompetitive Marketshare –

Nokia relying on Mango smartphones to maintain global market share

ResourceBlog Article: Google Retires The + Search Command

Monocolumn – It’s curtains for glass buildings [Monocle] – I don’t think that the accusations of plagarism are fair, there is lots of good Chinese construction design and architecture

Google Kills Its Other Plus, and How to Bring It Back | Epicenter |

Ralph Lauren unplugged | – copy your own successes

Apple, Google top R&D charts:

Fatscreen is the new flatscreen | – selling flat screens in emerging markets

A Preview of Samsung’s Third-Quarter 2011 Results – WSJ

Recent data shows the gravity of Korean’s debt – WSJ

Sina Weibo Hits 250 Million Registered Users, Plans Spin-Off [Exclusive] | TechRice

New denial of service tool knocks out encrypting servers – The H Security

Broadcom Misses, Outlook Weak – – weak component demand tends to indicate future economic weakness Finally Launching Luxury Retail Website In China –