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Old but good: Andrew Weatherall, BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix from 1993

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Fantastically eclectic mix around about the time he was involved with the Sabres of Paradise that I have grown to appreciate more as I have got older. If you find a decent quality copy of this online and listen to it on an iPod you can really hear the limitations on modern digital audio – convergence isn’t all its cracked up to be.

The mix is hosted on YouTube so may not be accessible to all readers.

2 replies on “Old but good: Andrew Weatherall, BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix from 1993”

Nice work digging this out. I used to go and see him play out at around this time (or maybe a year or two later) on a regular lazy Sunday dubby night in Islington. It was perfect… I’ll give it a listen tomorrow – here’s hoping for a bit of smokebelch, or at least an MBV remix…

This was probably when they where in the studio with The Haunted Dancefloor album, I can remember Wilmot coming out the following spring on 10″vinyl. At the time I loved it but didn’t have a clue what to do with it, since I was playing to a very different audience in Liverpool. There is a fast house speed version of Wilmot on this mix that I have never heard or seen anywhere else which I really like – I guess it was an idea that didn’t get any further – which is a shame.

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