I like: JWT 10 Trends for 2012

Reading Time: < 1 minute

JWT usually put some smart thinking into their ideas around what will be big in next year and this year is no exception.

A quick list of takeouts

  • The recession and economic adjustment is now the norm and companies will change their products to suit with smaller packages and different price points
  • A combination of nagging about what not to do with diets, health etc and austerity consumers will look for small luxuries to splurge on; a bit like the Esteé Lauder ‘lipstick effect’
  • Joblessness will turn into resourcefulness out of necessity
  • The socially conscious business is a trend that will continue
  • Food will become a battleground for more environmentally-friendly products; from depleted fish varieties being replaced with other options to discouraging consumers from wanting vegetables flown halfway around the world
  • Marriage as an institution under pressure from single households and single parenthood
  • Looking to bring back serendipity and discovery into consumer experiences, moving away from over-personalisation – this could also be because of digital services
  • Touchscreens will continue to drive customer interactions
  • Redefinition of old age and way it is addressed will be pushed through marketing. How will this be mirrored in societies current ageist practices, especially with an aging working population?
  • Objectification as a counterpoint to digital products and services