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Search quality highlights: new monthly series on algorithm changes – Inside Search – Google has improved blog search and trawling the long tail

PATRIOT Act clouds picture for tech – – used as a powerful weapon against purchasing US technology

Tom Hume on the Kindle Fire « V E X E D – clearly differentiated market segments

IBM, Micron claim breakthrough in 3D chips – Through-silicon vias in East Fishkill | TechEye

On Counterfeit Chips in US Military Hardware « bunnie’s blog

Glitch un-launches – Boing Boing – it will be interesting to see what Butterfield and Co. come up with

A hole in the ground: Storing carbon dioxide thousands of feet below Illinois – Boing Boing – interesting write-up on a US trial of carbon capture

Good News: Windows 8 Tablets May Not Get Traditional Desktop Apps After All – this makes sense but what does it mean for the common code base, developer markets and enterprise market?

Next-Gen Touchscreens Will Resist Your Greasy Little Fingermarks

Facebook Buys Gowalla – talent buy Gowalla was a spent force because its software wasn’t as user friendly as Foursquare but still felt like a Fisher-Price toy

Michael Geist – Swiss Government Says Copyright Enforcement Rules Sufficient

Google Braces For Early 2012 (400-Page) EU Antitrust Report

Claire Enders: What happens to the media industry if the economy stops growing? | TheMediaBriefing

Why Siri Can’t Find Abortion Clinics & How It’s Not An Apple Conspiracy – one of the problems with directory style taxonomies

EU: ‘A standard is open when implemented in open source’ — which is not good for Microsoft’s proprietary XML office document standard

Beyond 22nm: Applied Materials, the unsung hero of Silicon Valley | ExtremeTech

MediaPost Publications Marketers Advised To Target Ethnic Preferences 11/30/2011 – for American consumers

NetEase’s Lightblogging Tool Lofter Open to Public | TechNode – think Tumblr or Posterous

Europe: How Austerity Is Killing the Euro –

Carrier IQ – good explanation of the controversy by BusinessInsider

The Wacom Inkling | The Ministry of Type – I was going to buy an Inkling but this post put me right off

初 | hygiene | 기본

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Reading Time: 2 minutes

CSR departments are redundant, says Unilever’s Keith Weed – Campaign Asia-Pacific – too important to be left with PR / corporate communications

MAFIAAFire: ThePirateBay Dancing! – random proxy server selected

HP CEO: Apple will become market leader in personal computers | MacNews

2011 China Luxury Forecast – Ruder Finn Asia | Albatross Research – disclosure my employer Ruder Finn’s Asian offices. Funnily enough I found about it from from an WARC

China’s first Good Samaritan law drafted in Shenzhen: Shanghaiist – effort to change culture following famous case where helper got sued

China Favors Direct Investment to Create ‘New Blood’ in Europe – WSJ

Social Networking Watch: Twitter Teams Up With Japanese SN Mixi

Von Furstenberg to Chinese Women: Stop Chasing Men – WSJ

Analytics For Social Media –

Bing Bans Holiday Deals Sites, Including One By Group That Created Cyber Monday

Inside P&G’s digital revolution – McKinsey Quarterly – buzzword friendly, but how will it play out for shareholder value?

Facebook Just Played the Government – feels like Microsoft’s antitrust call the first time around. I don’t think that Microsoft was hated by consumers the way Facebook is. Expect more bullets to dodge

Microsoft’s Windows Tablets Of Next Year…Or Never | Fast Company – not enough of a fast follower this time?

Irish growth to be slower in 2012 – ESRI – RTÉ News

Japan’s #1 Mascots: Kumamon, Bary-san, and Nishiko-kun | Japan Probe – Japan seems to have mascots for everything, kind of cool actually

American Airlines: Bankrupt Companies Are Healthier Than They Used to Be – – negotiating ploy with the unions and as a way of resetting the clock on management shares at the expense of the shareholders

Information: Be careful what you signal | The Economist

Chinese Manufacturing. Profit Margin, What Profit Margin? : China Law Blog

The Trouble with Linkedin

Dylan’s Desk: How I learned to stop worrying and love “the cloud” | VentureBeat

US judge orders hundreds of sites “de-indexed” from Google, Facebook

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Teardown – iFixit

AppleInsider | ‘Key component’ said to be limiting Apple’s iPhone 4S supply

Japan Today | Toshiba to close three semiconductor plants

How Asia is Going Social, Mobile, on the Web [INFOGRAPHIC] | Tech in Asia

The rise of quiet luxury: Understated chic that is very, very expensive. – Slate Magazine

Baidu Beat | Let there be satellite – impressive new maps view

Bad Passwords with Chinese Characteristics | Tech in Asia

Design House Stockholm

China’s Menswear Market (Quietly) Booming « Jing Daily

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I like: 100 secrets of Mackintosh

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Waterproof coat brand Mackintosh have released a really interesting project where they have interviewed a hundred taste-makers about the brand. The focus of this campaign seems to be the Japanese market. Tyler Brûlé kicks it off with a video that talks about the authenticity of the brand its role in the community where it was founded.

Mackintosh by its example shows up other heritage luxury brands, who get their authenticity from their marketing departments and their product lines half-a-world away. Or have global supply chains that ship product or factory workers half-way around the world for token finishing touches in the home country as a fig leave to authenticity.

The video is on YouTube which may not be accessible by all readers.